2. The Eagle’s Flight, In Tandem With Life

The previous posting “from Wholeness to Home” continues on…

26. In pursuing this quest for Home, there is much to consider, for it requires of you a decision, a decision to fulfill the choice for Oneness, for the Self.

27. One of the great sayings is that man cannot serve two masters¹. One must let go of other identities, they have different needs and desires, they have different goals and ways of accomplishing them.

28. And so to fulfill the goal of union with the Self, which is engaging the world as the Self, one must let go of the lesser identities that have distracted and embalmed us in a life of quiet desperation. And so our master must be the Self That We All Are And Have Always Been.

29. The Self is who we Truly Are, pervasive, ever-present, ongoing, never born, eternal. We say to you now, the time is here to know this is you and to engage life from this level.

30. It requires of you a focus and intent that are strong and clear. It means that nothing gets in the way. It fulfills the contracts of all humans to render this the goal of life.

31. And so how do we get all the debris of our lesser identity out of the way? Bit by bit. It is how each and every Ascended Master has done it, and it also requires the energy of levitation.

32. We invite your participation as the Self and only as the Self, there is no place or room for the human identity any longer. It is a gateway decision when one realizes the futility of the human drama and continuum, and chooses to live from the True Identity of the Self, often in desperation at first, which turns into in devotion and loyalty beyond that.

33. So much is possible…so much occurs from this decision. We invite you to participate in this endeavor as a way to fulfill your freedom from the suffering of the manifest world. This is done by uplifting your human self, (actually your not-self) with the  knowledge and realization that it is already always within the True Self. That is why the human self is Wholeness in demonstration, foibles and all.

34. The realization of your True Identity as the Self will not in truth “Do” anything, for you are already whole, you are already free as the Self, it will however, help you to feel this wholeness and see this freedom, which in its way, is a “doing” of great value and import. This knowledge of who you Truly Are is your way to freedom from human suffering.

35. This knowledge is your way to offering the world your gifts.

36. If in the beginning of all time, this schism² (that created the manifest world) were tendered as a mistake and reclaimed all would not be as it is. It is the force of such a schism that enabled this world into being.

37. If it were to be reclaimed in some manner now, it would be from the Wholeness of all beings, not from the separation and anxiety that so many inhabit throughout time.

38. It is with this Wholeness in mind that we work towards the “Wholeness to Home” continuum and ask that you accompany us on our way forward. It means in truth to hold forth as the One Self That We All Are in all interactions.

39. As you speak to your children, as you engage with the world outside you see what is within You. As you look in the mirror, you see not yourself, you see what is within you. You, the Self, Awareness, Consciousness are everywhere, wholly and only forever alone.

40. This is impossible to fathom, and so we simply suggest you imagine it, and allow it to fulfill its destiny of assisting you to loving the Self That Is, All That Is… all the time. It is the simplest instruction possible. It is not something to worry about ever, for all is in perfect order.

41. This navigation through the pitfalls of humanity’s apparent  existence, is the issue at hand, and we fulfill (solve) all manner of concern as we walk forth and know ourselves as the Self That We All Are. Simple… easy even at times, and mostly forgotten. That is ok.

42. Just keep pointed in this direction. All is well.  All is of the perfect order on Earth and beyond. Join us now as we fulfill our expression of the Self, as human beings are incarnated with the knowledge that we are the Self That We All Are.

43. Holding focus upon the Self, one proceeds in tandem with life. With the very ground that one walks upon there is harmony and respect. If this is allowed to occur, then there is a way of being that graces this world of manifest expression that is in Truth the Self, Awareness, Consciousness.

44. And so as you move about focus upon the Self, and not upon all the myriad happenings and expressions as they occur. Then something truly mysterious and graceful occurs. Give it a try.


Dear Friends, this series of postings points to the non-duality that we actually in fact live as and within, the words are imperfect because they attempt to describe what is impossible to describe. It is impossible to describe a non dual reality because there is no perspective from which to see it, because all is IT. And these words are also perfect, because they are the medium that we have to use here in our apparent duality. These words are here in an honest desire to ease the suffering of separation that duality apparently inflicts upon us when we know ourselves only as human beings separated from everything around us.

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Namaste. ~Hope    www.hopeivesmauran.com

¹A saying of Jesus’The complete passage reads, “No man can serve two masters: for   either he will hate the one, and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise  the other.” – from www.Dictionary.com 

² See the previous posting :The Eagle’s Flight, From Wholeness To Home

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