3. The Eagle’s Flight, All Is Well

46. Dear One, if we were to advance the causes of Freedom and Love it would be by uplifting the human family to God Consciousness, to the understanding of our True Identity as “The Self That We all Are and Have Always Been.” “All is well” is a theme that is naturally ingrained within the human that knows itself as the Self. The Self is Whole and Complete, and non separate from “All That Is”.

47. Beloved Ones we are so blessed, so uplifted, so harmonized within a great system of life that we are unaware of unless we look for it. We needn’t look far, because it is the life that we live within, that is so familiar, so ordinary… so mundane~ it is the Self. We have labeled all the things of our world with names and forms for convenience, but actually the only thing we have ever known or seen is the Self!

48. It seems like we live an individual life, yet there is no such thing. All life is a matrix of uncountable beings, life forms and substances that are held in union and harmony by laws in the creation that create perfect flow and a continuum of life. This matrix of existence at its core and essence is animated, enlivened and created by the Self. The Self may be also called Awareness or Consciousness. Our human life is within this “Self” that we all are.

49. If we humans can see this, we are humbled. For all power, all wisdom, all That Is, is the Self’s and not our own.

50.”The Self that we all are and have always been” is well, how could it be otherwise? And yet it too strives for the perfect expression of that “All Is Well” kind of perfection… it demonstrates vast perfection in the way that a star system is born, a people are created and universal laws perform: precisely and tirelessly! This is the order of perfection and creation that allows “All Is Well” to be the honest Truth.

51. In understanding the successionality of creation at the meta level, the human no longer grasps at this Earthly reality with the same urgency, for the awareness of its status as 1 in billions of worlds, renders it relatively less important somehow- and the equanimity of residing within a perfect, vast system results. Relax, let go, see as the Self sees, a perspective from on high, like the Eagle. Seeing in this way is how we know the grace of freedom. Seeing from this height allows us to see with the eyes of Love.

52. Understanding the vastness of cosmic worlds is near impossible in the mind of a human. The mind of God reveals itself in its own apparent timing to a human.This explains the “spiritual experiences” that humans have. They are not manufactured by the human but made available thereof from the reflection of the Self in a human body prepared for such things. So the best the human can do is know of the perfection and “live as though” this higher vision as the Self were possible all the time. The knowledge of the Self is what frees us.

53 Perhaps it is hard to imagine what it looks like to know that “All Is Well”? That all is in perfection? How does a human relax into this embrace and identity? It is like you are a feather in the wind. Passive to a degree, but passive as the result of knowing the perfection of all things. Equanimity is one word to express it. It is different than one who is passive as a way of being and who sees passivity as the goal and as a value.

54. Instead of being like an ant in an anthill on a planet of thousands of miles diameter, you are the planet itself expressing itself as an ant. Something wildly different is possible with this shift in expression of the Self that we all are and have always been. All Is Well.

55.And so how do we determine a day’s worth and value while here in a human body on planet Earth? See life as perfect. Fulfill the passions that flow through us for creative expression and grace the world with the natural expressions of ease, flexibility and love that come from knowing beyond all doubt, beyond all apparent evidence… that All Is Well.
That is all.

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