4. The Eagle’s Flight, The Limitation Of Particularity

56. Dear One, it is a beautiful time on Earth and we wish to acknowledge this. Much is occurring, much is in transformation. As humanity learns to know itself by its True Identity of the “Self That We All Are And Have Always Been” the perfection at hand is much easier to see.

57. It is with this in mind that we offer another avenue for inquiry into the Self: examination of our own senses and observing their generic, across-the-board commonality. They are not particular or special to us.  How all humans garner information, and that which makes it all possible is the Self!

58. The Self makes possible all aspects of our relationship with the world. If we examine how, and from where information is received and enters the human mind, cognizing instrument or senses it is the same in all people. The human mind and senses that we  interface with the world with are limited, particular and even a bit quirky, yet that which makes the tools and senses work is unlimited, and common to all.

59. Imagining ourselves as particular and unique individuals is a limitation in this regard. By letting go of the idea that our particular Self is different, what underlies it is revealed. The Self, Awareness  or Consciousness make all that we see, hear, taste, smell and touch possible. The objects around us are created of and by Consciousness, in conjunction with the Ones around us. All One Consciousness, wearing different forms. All forms animated by the same Consciousness.

60. It is not to negate individual experience, but to shed light upon that which makes sensation and thought  in all humans possible: The Self, the non-dual Self… Consciousness… Awareness.  It is humbling, wondrous and amazing to imagine that We are / (I am)  behind it all. Not our own particular human on steroids, but the Self.

61. If we reflect on it as we move about, touch things, and notice how thoughts just appear in our minds, perhaps  our world will dissolve into its essence of the Self That We All Are. The world is transformed by the dissolution of particularness into Consciousness. In letting go of our focus upon particularity or individuality, we are freed from its limitation.

62. We/ I, the Self are unchanging, without ambitions, never born, and thus never die. We are limitless… never bound or changed by things of this Earth. We are Awareness itself. We are Consciousness,  it is who we are. We, the Self, make both our Perfection and our action possible.

63. As we see this, we are humbled from our cock-crowing particular human ways. This humility of Right Identity is of great value, for it gifts us another level of being… another order of Life, a life of service and of Love, for there is only the Self.



See Greg Goode’s book The Direct Path, for exercises to support this inquiry.

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