5. The Eagle’s Flight, Being Done

64. We are blessed, uplifted and harmonized within a great system of life that we are unaware of unless we inquire into it. Apparently we live an individual life yet there is no such thing. All Life is a matrix of uncountable beings, life and substance that is held in perfect union, by perfect laws in the creation that assist the flow and continuum of the One Life. I read this to myself during English class @ my son’s Parent’s Weekend at school. and it completely shifted me from seeing separation, to seeing the common thread of life and identity in everyone in the room.

65. Much is written about the great hidden potential that humans hold within: untapped, uncultivated and undeveloped. We wish to clarify why and how this fulfillment of expression of the higher human potential is both a trap and a goal.

66. We know this has been a confusion at times, for most humans hear of greater potential and assume it is for the individual, cultivating brain capacities, and spiritual powers to do and be more. This is a trap. The confusion is around the subtle difference in who (or what) is “doing” it all.

67. So for example if you are being the human and cultivating your capacity to create more effectively, this is a false foundation upon which to create.

68. In contrast, if you are (being) The Self That We All Are, and you create and cultivate as your True nature and capacities would have you do, your creation is benign and harmonious. Creation is done with ease and conviction and clarity. No second guessing, just creation as the Self. Doing happens, learning happens, education is received, you get to watch. Instead of doing, we are being the Self. The Self if doing the doing! Essentially, being not doing clarifies the confusion and keeps us out of the trap.

69. This difference in levels of Identity, (which only apparently exist), is the sweet spot for adjusting our identity from individual human in a world of things separate, to remembrance that we are the Self always and only. This is the goal, the opportunity and the Reality.

70. We say let this settle, be the Self and observe how its “doing” unfolds. That is the most authentic teaching, for it goes around the human temptation to be the “particularly good” individual, and allows the expression of the Self though the particular individual to express it’s music… “Being done” by the Self. we are naturally unified, relaxed at ease.

71.That is all. There is an upwelling of joy as the unmasking the Self That We All Are in the human form reveals our union. All the students and parents in the room are animated forms of the One Life.                                                                                             For me, everything is different and nothing is actually changed.


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