6. The Eagle’s Flight, We Are The Hurricanes

72. Dear One, If you see this as a transmission of our world to yours it is a missive of separation. if you see this as a narrative of what is True in the one and only Reality, it is a missive of union, a map Home. We wish for it to be not divisive but a unifying transmission.

73. Remembering our identity of “The Self That We All Are”, let’s see with Manifestation’s perspective; imagine seeing this world as our own perfect creation. The laws in action are consistent, reliable… objective. They operative with equality. We could even say they operate with Love. They are whole and complete, creating a world that reflects that wholeness and completion.

74. Standing aligned with the human race, and as “The Self That We All Are And Have Always Been” requires some attunement with the higher perspective of one who sees more than what meets the eye.  Seeing what occurs and knowing its Perfection is an important challenge.  Without the capacity to see through what occurs on Earth, we are prisoners.

75. We are prisoners when our joy, happiness, creativity, worthiness, and health are at the mercy of the physical world. In Truth we are never bound, we are The Self. Remembering this is all it takes to free ourselves. Remembering this empowers us to Love ourselves and the world.

76. It may take a leap of faith to call the world “Perfect”, but step into seeing everything right now as Perfect. Just for a breath or two, note the ease in the body as the world is embraced as it is. How could it be so tangible were it also not True? The World is whole and complete. Living within and from this Perfection could add years to human life! It is the key to freedom in the same way that your first set of car keys were!

77. As one looks upon the occurrences of the world as simply manifestations of prior actions, there is a sense that comes to this practice  of how shall I act to embrace this? For it is hard to embrace the occurrences upon the Earth that are not in alignment with what one thinks of as good.  We are most sincere in saying that seeing Wholeness within good and bad is a practice that reaps great benefits.

78. As the human race sees everything as the result of past action then what occurs makes sense. For example, the flooding of Houston that has recently occurred: the flooding and winds are past actions in manifestation. A collective past action inundates places such as this.

79. Each individual, in their own way is responsible for the aberrant weather that is now occurring. Each individual must see a way through this result to the Perfection that is. Residing in that Perfection is the work of the human family.

80. Examining our individual lives for our role in the disaster is a start: look for out of balance thoughts, emotions and actions. The wholeness that is without, mirrors the wholeness within. When we see hurricanes in the outer world, we must look for the hurricanes we foster within!

81. The Self observes the ups and downs of human life with some degree of detachment and equanimity and to see the weather occurrences in Houston, the disasters in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Florida and the wildfires in Northern California from The Self takes the human difficulty, the frustration and the shame away from them.

82. There is a way of living that makes such occurrences obsolete. In our identity as the Self we see only the Perfection of the system. Realizing the power and responsibility that the Self holds, we choose thoughts to dwell upon that don’t foster separation, loss, suffering, attack or destruction. We may observe thoughts of this divisive quality and not be convinced by them.  We are most appreciative when the human race finds some freedom from these kinds of worldly occurrences. It is where the human self finds gratitude for the Whole, for the Self That We All Are, and lives from that place, leaning in and Loving All That Is.

83. Gratitude is an antidote to prior miscreation. Gratitude seeds peace and healing in a world of turmoil. This equals out the difficulties that would occur otherwise in the manifest world. Gratitude is the first cousin to Love, and Love is All There IS.

84. We say there is no need to become the perfect demonstration of this work; remembering it  in each moment is not required.  Yet to remember the Truth of our identity as the Self is a great joy and thus worthy of our human’s continued focus. Lean in with gratitude to the Perfection and to the Love behind it all.

85. We are most grateful and appreciative of our finding our way here.   Namaste.



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