7. The Eagle’s Flight, Fortitude and Flexibility In Remembrance

86. Dear One, this time is rich with opportunities to forgive and move beyond the limitations of how we think and act and live. It means for example that the upliftment of our life comes as we find different ways to think and look upon the actions of those around us and upon what occurs on Earth. In lifting our sight to Healing and Oneness, always and only, as The Self That We All Are And Have Always Been, our sense of limitation no longer binds us.

87. It means not dwelling upon those things that are challenging in the human realm, but focusing upon the Unity of all Life and the fortitude that this remembrance brings to all interactions. All forgiveness comes of Love. We celebrate this time because the way is clear to new expression of life, as Love not warfare are upon the heart.

88. Life is sweet from the vantage point of Love. From Peace and harmony much is possible with life on Earth.

89. It means a limitation upon the ways of thought that have held the human captive: the freedom to roam among the ideas and thoughts that would paint all as separate. That freedom is no longer a desirable one, it holds the human to a place of disharmony amongst the renderings of the life that is the Self -alone… Whole and only.

90. We appreciate the human who comes forth in alignment with the Self That We All Are And Have Always Been. Not (solely) in loyalty to the individuated expression: the human, it is not the individual who I am. I am All That Is,.The Self and all manifest expression is within me. All the Earth and all humans are within me.

91. It is a resource and an opportunity to reveal ourSelf: as it is, as we are, as the unified Whole by using our individual human life. Paradoxically, as we both let our individual human life go, we hold it in. Ironically, this may be done on Earth as we embrace the remembrance of our identity as the Self That We All Are.

92. It need not be relegated to a future date, when we are more perfect or worthy. In the fortitude and flexibility of that sight, we are One… already, right here, right now.


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