A “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card

Last night I was captured by the season, and wrote a list of 19 things that felt urgent to do. Writing them down eased my mind, and I went to bed.

Waking at 5 am, I received this:

Dear One, knowing who you are precludes the need to do anything. This you know ~ this you have been told. The misunderstanding that you may hold around this teaching is that the world as it is, requires some input ~ some payment for its service so to speak. This in fact is not the case once one knows who they are.

As the realization of Selfhood and its grand magnificent understanding dawn upon an initiate ~ it is a release; a “get out of jail free” card of magnificent proportions.

Imagine you are caught in an endless cycle of attempting to provide for a family of 4. You work, and the money is spent on food, rent, clothes and transportation before it’s even been earned! This is the situation for most beings in a society such as yours. And the freedom of realizing that the “the Self is who I Am” is great because, in order for the endless cycle to be endless, this knowledge must be absent.

In order for this knowledge to be present and understood, it means the jail no longer has a locked door. In truth the pop up kingdom that the society represents is no longer binding to one who knows who they are. It becomes a play. A role one plays. And when the role is dramatic: “woe is me!” the actor knows it is not the player but the non-dual Self.

And that makes all the difference in the suffering department.

One still feels pain, one still feels anguish, one still finds things to desire, and yet ~ as time goes on less of those things are felt “to the bone.”

One may see through the suffering of others ~ and realize the Self too is there ~ enacting the role of sufferer skillfully and with precision.

Now what this does ~ this perception through the veils of Maya’s illusion ~ it releases the catch on life. So one may have the opportunity to take it lightly, without reproach or judgment. For when one sees through the eyes that are belonging to the Self one sees the Truth in all Beings. The wind-up toy programs called humans may be seen as just that and the game continues with a hair’s breadth shift in how and who the observing Self knows itself to be ~ and thus see.

You see once one is initiated into this “club” of knowing who and what you are (and are not) you have the key to your jail cell in your own hand.

This means that your human identity becomes aware of the ultimate choice : to realize it is not so special, it is not so solid and real as it thought. It’s transience is evidenced by it’s cycling each day from the waking state self to the dreaming state self to the deep sleep state self or entity.

There are many ways to examine this True Self, but they are all with the tool of knowledge and not experience. In order to be a member of the aforementioned “club”, one must have the knowledge of who they are. That is the key to the cell you have been in ~ thinking that what you are ~ and what you experience is the great limitor of your being. This means you are stuck when you don’t have this knowledge.

Once you are aware of who you are then the work may begin. The task is laid out and the opportunity to be free of the jail of suffering is yours.

The thing is ~ you have become enmeshed in the jail ~ it has become a part of you. And so to actually and truly be free of its hold on your identity you must do as the knowledge prescribes: you must go into “inquiring” or discriminating the Self and the not self. And this task is what you must pursue until you know, through knowledge based in your experience of applying the knowledge, that you are in Truth the non-dual Self, the One without a second, the Atman, the substrate before and within form; that you are actionless unborn limitless (meaning nothing can limit or affect you) ordinary eternal awareness consciousness. And that is ALL YOU ARE.

This is the fruit of this knowledge. this is the way forward without the jail of suffering that has captured you until now.

And so Dear One, the pursuit of this Knowledge, and the discrimination that follows is the task that one must “do”. There is nothing else that holds lasting value and satisfaction in this changing world; nothing else sets you in motion toward sustained freedom and ultimate and lasting liberation from suffering and bondage.

And yes, once you know who you Truly are, you will go to work on Monday morning and still find the inflows and the outflows don’t always balance ~ but you will no longer be defined by the limited human response to it all. Something more, something easier will be available to you, as you can now smile inwardly at what you can now see.

And when you find you are captured in the jail again ~ and this will happen a lot! Until it doesn’t, then you know what the key is, where to find it, and how to unlock the door.

The knowledge is available and we are most grateful to be in service to its sharing. Namaste we are One.


Links to some teachers of this knowledge called Vedanta :  the knowledge that ends the search for knowledge:

Swami Svatmananda     http://www.svatmananda.org/

Ramji James Swartz,  http://shiningworld.com/site/

Vedanta Psychology by Bede Clifford on You tube.     https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWjpkY4mU2RBCvGzb5x-5QGHRrPSfhMDM

Swami Dyananda’s Arsha Vidya Gurukalam, Saylorsburgh PA, https://arshavidya.org/


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