A Valentine From The Self

I wonder what the One SELF That We All Are might say in a Valentine to us?

It could be kind of hard actually, The Self and us all being already united as one,

there is no longing, no pining or divorce, because we, the Self are Love itself!

But just for the sake of duality, and playing the game of this magnificent projection

here is a message that our OneSelf might write to us on Valentine’s day… so here goes.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

you are in me and I am in you.

As One, we are bound for now and forever

There is no greater Union or tighter tether!

The Earth is our ship as we sail across time,

A delight and a joy as you remember you are Mine.

 Think of me as you walk,  think of me as you talk,

And especially remember my Love when you balk!

A wandering eye is not possible here

for I Am all you can see or can hear.

Be mine in the challenge as well as the sweet

and know that It, You and I are alway and ever complete.

For Awareness, Consciousness, the Self  there is no such thing as far

so open those chocolates, LOVE is who we are!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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