A Vision On The River Path

I was walking along the river path on a sunny afternoon, looking ahead at four people and their dogs walking ahead of me.

A portal of clear sight opened up somehow and I became aware of the ONE, the substrate of existence… or That which holds everything… and the ONEness that is behind/within/around everything became perceptible.

All the forms walking ahead of me were just mirage-like  hollow shells, filled with and walking within this Oneness.

I could see how this world is projected, how the people and their movement were just like a holographic movie on the screen of the Oneness that we are.

As I contemplated this portal of clarity, I realized that it is only occurring in this present moment of now, there is no past, no future, there is just what is being apparently projected right now.

So walking along the path, on that sunny afternoon, I could there is no actual movement occurring. Nothing Real was actually moving. And that the things that were moving were like a mirage.

I love these visions, outside of the usual 3D perspective, they stay with me and help me to remember who I Truly Am. I am that substrate, or that screen that the movie is projected upon.

So what happens on the screen doesn’t actually limit me or even touch me in any way. It doesn’t affect me and cannot hurt me. I am not the body.

How I see the world makes all the difference, my knowledge of who I am is like a portal of clarity that is available to me. It needs no experience to make it real. (Check out www.shiningworld.com for resources to study this profound knowledge of Vedanta.)

When I hold my vision steady on what is behind it all, My Self the One, everything is delightfully different.

I asked if there was anything to add to this…

Beloved Ones, as the human is embraced into this Oneness there is a shift that comes to all in its indoctrination within this Unified and Holy perspective.

Not seeing through the One’s eyes, one is separated and isolated and alone.

As the vision is cultivated of the One, the understanding is embraced and the actions thus formed within the human life are of a different quality and order,

and with this we embrace all of life in a unique and loving manner… fully  whole, fully filled, fully of the great generic and Holy Divine order of life,

there is so much grace that may fill ones’s mind in this knowing.

Enjoy the vision , and walk with the presence of that One.

Namaste!  Happy Summer Solstice.


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