Address, Assess, Acknowledge and Appreciate!

This blog is a bit different; it focuses upon the body’s healing. I was doing my morning exercises when I saw a flash of bright light, which is my cue to tune into it and find out what I am being asked to do. It said it wanted to share with me a way of healing, so I sat down at the computer and had this dialog:

“Healing requires the engagement of the entire body system.”

What does that mean in effect? In practice?

“Communicate to the body, its inherent perfection and ask it to be aware of the wrong road that has been entered upon, that is not leading towards full health. By using the entire body, by actually approaching the body as a community of cells, address the cells and the structure they have created as one being, and request, re-assessment of the path each body system has engaged in.”

“Focus on the (healing) path of each (body) system, and ask for a reset on the systems that are not operating maximally. Proper Healing requires the engagement of the entire body system.”

How do the systems reset? Will just asking create it?

“The systems will respond to your voice, your attention, your consciousness awakening within them, with love, and concern and desire for vitality and the energy that is focused towards health.”

What about chronic things that have been in the body a long time?

“That is especially where this is important and effective.”

So, one more time, the practice is…?

“To sit quietly. Look internally at the body as cells, all communally arranged, yet as independent entities; like you are addressing a large hall, or a meeting.”

“Tell them who you are, what you are hoping to achieve, and ask for their help in moving the entire body system to a higher level of operation as a unit, together.”

“Ask that each system review its patterns and release what is not helpful, and reset itself to a perfect operating protocol. Ask that any damaged cells, or cells who are no longer able to reset, be replaced with new ones that can make the required shift.”

“Thank all the cells for their selflessness in service to the whole body system.”

“If there is a system that has shut down so much that it no longer operates as a functional system, then ask that the entire system be rebooted to its original perfect performance, after a short period of rest. Renewed life can be brought into those cells. If it is too large a structure to reboot all at once, then ask that over time the cells be replaced as needed, slowly, and that the existing ones work together, in service to the whole.”

“Once all the systems are reset, and running as required, ask that the body rest for a short while. So that all the cells may have a period of optimal operation without challenge to the new pattern.”

What do you mean by rest, lie down, don’t eat?

“It depends on the systems that are being addressed, if it is digestion, don’t eat for awhile, if it is your leg, rest it, if it is a specific part, address that quality of rest.”

“If you don’t know how to help a certain system, ask it directly.”

Ok anything else?

“Yes this needs to be repeated regularly, perhaps daily in extreme cases of dis-ease, or patterns that don’t serve.”

Ok Thank you.

“That is it.”

How would you like me to share this?

“By using your blog and trying it yourself.”

So how do I try it myself?

“You would take a moment to center yourself, and be still and quiet. An upright spine is helpful or lying down. Review the body, address and assess and acknowledge and appreciate each part and section and system as you can imagine them.Work up from the bottom and say out loud as you visualize the body’s cells performing as these parts:  toes, feet ankles, calves, bones, knees, thighs, hips, sacrum, spine spinal cord, muscles, shoulders, arms, lungs, heart, liver digestion, elimination, reproduction… etc. saying the name out loud awakens them as cells, someone is talking to them!”

“Say for example to the toes, as you envision all the cells in your toes, ‘Hello toes’ (address), ‘how are we all doing today?’, feel their answer (asses) , and then acknowledge their perspective as valid, thank them (appreciate). Explain what you would like from them and request the cells organize themselves to perform at a higher level if need be. If not just appreciate them with a blast of love, directed from your heart center to the toes.”

So I begin, I work up from the bottom, and I say “hello” out loud to each body part, assess it’s condition, receive it’s communication, I acknowledge it, and appreciate it. I love it.

I give extra attention to my heart and brain:

Heart. Aaah… the heart. I address it, “hello heart”, I assess it, it is tired, I acknowledge its tiredness and I just sit with it. It just needs to be seen and heard. It wants a little rest. I will try not to lean on it much in the next days. Not allow the emotions to pull it and stretch it. I hold my hands upon it and thank it. Just being heard is healing.

Brain, (I have a chat with my brain.) I put my hands on my head ask it what is going on? And ask for it to rejuvenate, to activate its capacity to remember and connect.. I thank it for all it does.

I see all body parts as magnificent.  Vital, whole and holy. I send love to them all.

“And do this as often as you can.  At night before bed lying there still, scan the body’s cells and systems and

                    Address, Assess, Acknowledge and Appreciate them!”

“That is about it!”

Thank you. Is it possible to re-grow body parts with this practice? Or even to change one’s ability to sing, or see, or move?

“Well, those things are possible, there are some strong patterns that will limit their full capacity to do the things you mentioned. If the person is free from the imprint of limitation, and its familiar attachment, theoretically anything is possible.”

“There are some additional things you might add as well.”

Ok, what would you say?

“Well, in terms of healing the entire body system of cells, there is an aspect of the person’s attitude, that once engaged, assists this process. The person’s attitude of attachment to the way the cells are organized is a piece of the healing process that must be acknowledged.”

“Once an individual has a ‘diagnosis’, they are allowed (by the society) to rest from the given tasks of life, which are often tedious and repetitive. To be sick is one way to be allowed out of the jaws of the machine that consumes human lives. And so we see epidemics of sickness. If one truly wishes for healing, this aspect of being sick must be addressed.”

So you are saying that we are attached to being sick , because we are not allowed to rest otherwise? This is an issue at the very core of how our society operates, around money, as the avenue for security and survival. We have to work, to get money, to survive. People get sick to get out of the jaws of the machine.

“Yes, unfortunately there are many ways that the societal system is corrupt of the integrity that the human family deserves. In separation from the land, the loss of the knowledge of how to grow food, and make the things one needs to live is lost. All efforts are put towards attaining money, which is an indirect means of attaining food and goods, to ensure one’s survival. As one’s security is transferred onto money, a sense of disempowerment and limitation is created. This is at the root of sickness: the limitation.”

“As a society evolves away from living tied to the land, and an individual’s power to eat and survive is in the hands of a massive system. This erodes the human’s innate capacity for healing itself”

“As your society acknowledges this, and allows those who wish to return to the land, free of the burdens of debt and taxes, then this system may be saved.”

What do you mean this system may be saved?

“We mean that the healing powers inherent within the human family may be upheld and utilized as humans are in a position to be responsible for themselves and their own security.”

What would be an ideal way of returning to the land? It would seem we need more community living to make this work effectively. ‘Many hands make light work’ and such!

“There is no one model; it is for each and every being to decide the way in which it is best for them. In searching for the means and ways to do this, many opportunities will come about that serve the beings of Earth. As you think on this yourself, you will realize that you don’t have an ideal in your mind either. And so it is a process that evolves over time as the intention and realization of its importance develops. As that evolves, the world will improve considerably in its happiness index, and its organization of folly. We mean more joy, more love, more spontaneous thought will occur and this is of value to the human family.”

So you are saying that healing is closely tied to returning to the land as a way of life and growing vegetables and fruits to eat?

“Yes you might say that.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well, this ends the dialogue.I hope this is helpful, and of course it is not meant to be a substitute for consulting a medical professional for your health concerns.

I would love to hear your thoughts, please use the comment box below. I know living in community, closer to the land is increasingly attractive to me.

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