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Address, Assess, Acknowledge and Appreciate!

This blog is a bit different; it focuses upon the body’s healing. I was doing my morning exercises when I saw a flash of bright light, which is my cue to tune into it and find out what I am being asked to do. It said it wanted to share with me a way of healing, so I sat down at the computer and had this dialog: “Healing requires the engagement of the entire body system.” What does that mean … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving For The Presence Within

It’s easy to ignore the source and support of our lives… the Cause, that which makes us alive. Ever forward and outward we focus, always in “what’s next?” readiness. We move toward our desires, deal with our tasks, negotiate around our difficulties. There is more to life than endlessly dealing with the 5 senses and their daily non stop harvests of information. Look inward for a moment or two, stop the outer focus. Take a breath, relax, let out a … Continue reading

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The Masquerade

Dear One, As you know it is only  “I” that you and I are, and yet we play this charade of separation that fools us all most of the time. If you look upon this world, the one you sit in, it would seem to be a separate place, with separate beings and entities. If this is so, then what is the truth of non-duality and what is the truth of Oneness? It is not a false hope that there is … Continue reading

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Link for~ Karma: the Currency of Life

Hi All! This is the link to my recent talk on Karma: the Currency of Life, based on love, the gold standard I posted it in 7 sections, thus each section is posted separately in a playlist. It is a slideshow, with lots of images, but you can also just listen if that’s your choice. It totals 1 hr 45 min. , and the sections are of varying length. It is recommended to watch it in order. Thanks for sharing … Continue reading

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A Talk On Karma This Friday June 7, 4-6 pm Chester Mass

Hi Friends, Just thought I would let you know I will be giving a talk on Karma: The Love Based Currency of Life…. The Real Gold Standard! Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay KARMA: The Love-Based Currency of Your Life…the REALGold Standard!Friday, June 7 from 4pm to 6pmWatch this one-minute video about this talk!Presented by Freedom Mauran We are all One.  It might not look or feel that way but we are.  There are, however, guideposts or laws that help us remember.  The Laws of Karma … Continue reading

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The Value Of Your Human Life

Dear One, It is common to hear people bemoan the fact that they are alive, I would like to share a picture of the value of your human birth. Imagine sitting amongst a throng of people, as far as the eye can see, people all sitting and waiting. They are in the thousands, which accumulate unto millions and more. They are all waiting a human birth. Why? Because human birth is a precious and rare opportunity to become something that … Continue reading

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A “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card

Last night I was captured by the season, and wrote a list of 19 things that felt urgent to do. Writing them down eased my mind, and I went to bed. Waking at 5 am, I received this: Dear One, knowing who you are precludes the need to do anything. This you know ~ this you have been told. The misunderstanding that you may hold around this teaching is that the world as it is, requires some input ~ some … Continue reading

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Birthing The Miracle

“There is no false appearance but will fade, if you request a miracle instead.” ~ ACIM Ch30, VIII:6:5 “There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.”~ ACIM:Ch1,I, I,1. These quotes from A Course In Miracles  inspired me to ask Jesus if he had any message as I sat down to write the blog about creating miracles that I posted last week… “Dear … Continue reading

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Creating Miracles… the I AM and the I AIN’T!

A quote from A Course In Miracles… from the Manual For Teachers 22:1 Healing and Atonement are not related; they are identical. There is no order of difficulty in miracles because there are no degrees of Atonement. It is the one complete concept possible in this world, because it is the source of a wholly unified perception.” “I am willing to do this the miracle way.”  That’s what I have been saying lately. I’ve had a busy and miracle-filled summer, my … Continue reading

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A Vision On The River Path

I was walking along the river path on a sunny afternoon, looking ahead at four people and their dogs walking ahead of me. A portal of clear sight opened up somehow and I became aware of the ONE, the substrate of existence… or That which holds everything… and the ONEness that is behind/within/around everything became perceptible. All the forms walking ahead of me were just mirage-like  hollow shells, filled with and walking within this Oneness. I could see how this … Continue reading

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