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5. The Eagle’s Flight, Being Done

64. We are blessed, uplifted and harmonized within a great system of life that we are unaware of unless we inquire into it. Apparently we live an individual life yet there is no such thing. All Life is a matrix of uncountable beings, life and substance that is held in perfect union, by perfect laws in the creation that assist the flow and continuum of the One Life. I read this to myself during English class @ my son’s Parent’s Weekend at … Continue reading

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4. The Eagle’s Flight, The Limitation Of Particularity

56. Dear One, it is a beautiful time on Earth and we wish to acknowledge this. Much is occurring, much is in transformation. As humanity learns to know itself by its True Identity of the “Self That We All Are And Have Always Been” the perfection at hand is much easier to see. 57. It is with this in mind that we offer another avenue for inquiry into the Self: examination of our own senses and observing their generic, across-the-board … Continue reading

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The Hidden Door To Love

Lately it seems like life is going faster than ever before. With so many things calling for attention in my life and in the world, it often feels like too much is happening. Since the eclipse on August 21st I have noticed that something different is now available that I wanted to share with you. The actual feeling of being overwhelmed, or of too much coming at me at once, is now a trigger for me to find the hidden … Continue reading

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3. The Eagle’s Flight, All Is Well

46. Dear One, if we were to advance the causes of Freedom and Love it would be by uplifting the human family to God Consciousness, to the understanding of our True Identity as “The Self That We all Are and Have Always Been.” “All is well” is a theme that is naturally ingrained within the human that knows itself as the Self. The Self is Whole and Complete, and non separate from “All That Is”. 47. Beloved Ones we are … Continue reading

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2. The Eagle’s Flight, In Tandem With Life

The previous posting “from Wholeness to Home” continues on… 26. In pursuing this quest for Home, there is much to consider, for it requires of you a decision, a decision to fulfill the choice for Oneness, for the Self. 27. One of the great sayings is that man cannot serve two masters¹. One must let go of other identities, they have different needs and desires, they have different goals and ways of accomplishing them. 28. And so to fulfill the … Continue reading

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1. The Eagle’s Flight, from Wholeness to Home

  Dear Friends, this posting points us to the non-duality that we live within. Imperfect in its attempt of the impossible, and perfect in its honest desire to ease the suffering  of separation that duality seems to inflict. Namaste. ~Hope “And so we begin: The way Home is fraught with diversions. Be not tempted by them,  but know that you will be. They are the ways of the past; the ways of the future are different. The future holds the Truth … Continue reading

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What It Is

I went to a beautiful wedding yesterday where this poem was shared… What It Is      ( Englisla translation of Was es ist) by Erich Fried It is nonsense says reason It is what it is says love It is calamity says calculation It is nothing but pain says fear It is hopeless says insight It is what it is says love It is ludicrous says pride It is foolish says caution It is impossible says experience It is what … Continue reading

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Regret or Gratitude?

I had a chat with Jesus the other night and thought worth sharing, it is his response to my middle of the night plea for perspective and encouragement… Dear One: The miserable aspects of human life are also the most wonderful. The extremes. They will tear you down and apart and fill you and make you dance. It really boils down to the choice in the moment. The remembrance of time’s passing and the end point of regret or gratitude. That … Continue reading

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Words from Gaia

As you walk on the Earth walk softly. As you live on the Earth live gently. As you interact, know that the Earth is listening. The Earth will inherit the care and tending of your children.

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Envision 10 Things

A couple of days ago in a conversation with Jesus he suggested I envision the perfect outcome… the perfect future for something. Here are his words: “ …we have a request. It is to see the way through it all to a rosy and light filled future. To see past the darkness, past the difficulty, past the disharmony to the future beyond and within those times. If you were to hold your sites on the far reaches of the future, … Continue reading

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