Awaken Humanity, Become the Open Door to Love’s Light.

I asked Jesus if he had some words for us…

Dear Ones, this is a time of sorrow on Earth; a time of healing will come of this. Undoing the past is impossible, and not necessary. Creating a new future is what is called for. Begin today to create the world that you would like to see created.

Create a world filled with equality, fraternity, and beauty.  Wonder at the possibilities of the coming together of those that were previously separated! From worlds that were separate, create a world where all may eat from the table of life’s opportunities, celebrations, and equality of possibility. 

Living as a human family upon this increasingly small planet, requires a new way of looking at each other.

Look not to the things that separate, look to the things that join. As a human family, you all share more than you can imagine! Your life is one life, your human body structure is the same in all. Forgive yourself for seeing only the differences, and choose to see what is the same. Choose to see through the wounds and the challenges, to the heart and mind and presence of each individual, for it is in ensuring all humans are valued that the future is ensured. In solidarity, in oneness in Unity the future unfolds.

We of the realms beyond your sight, hold you all in our hearts. All in the human family are cherished, loved, held and supported. Call upon us in your times of darkness, and in your times of celebration, for we are here always; unified and holding you as our brothers, sisters and others of Light. This ensures that all may be valued, heard and supported in this transition to Love upon your planet.

This is a pivotal time that calls for your action at the level of the heart, and the hands. As you are able to bring those who have been unseen and unheard, into the forums of your governments, and your communities, much will change in a good way. As barriers are broken down, energy and light may flow freely.

A smile goes a very long way, remember this. Allow your tears for the collective suffering of your families, friends and your societies, and move on. Move on to the world created of Love and peaceful coexistence, the world created of harmony within yourself, that radiates outward into your actions and responses to the world. As life unfolds, there is much to look forward to… so much potential to be unleashed, so much creativity to be expressed, so much Love to be given and received.

For we are One family, One nation, and One human Self, seemingly organized into different vessels of expression, but in Truth, only One: One Mind, One Heart, One body, One Consciousness. There is far more that joins than that separates us.

Be still. Take time to be still and relax your nervous system, it is overburdened, as are the adrenal glands. Rest. Meditate. Pray. Be in nature. Be still in life as much as you are active and this will remedy itself. As we move forth together, aligned in Love and the awareness of our Oneness, the world’s demonstrations will ease, and cease to provoke so vehemently.

Take heed of your role as part of the network of humanity. Leave no one behind. Let no one be unloved. Allow for each individual’s expressions, and drill down into the heart of Love that is there, in all… in all the perpetrators of heinous acts, and in all the victims, and receivers of aggressive energy. This is not a lofty ideal, this is a way of being that is crying to come to the earth as a norm.

What if the norm for Earth was to Love? Instead of to call names and attack? What if life on Earth was filled with joy, respect, harmony and celebration? Enjoin yourself to this ideal. Make Love’s expression possible in your life and on this planet too. Make the conscious choice to align to Love.

As you move forth from your homes, back into the world, do so with a gentleness of demeanor, it is not business as usual! Or all is wasted. Choose again to be loving. Choose again to be fair. Be willing to see things differently.

Choose again and again to hold yourself accountable to all life, and to your human family. There is nothing that says all humans must have the same things, there is however a universal law of non-injury… compassion, and healing come of this. Allow the world its unique expression, and also do your part to bring equality to those beings who are starving for it. Not in the sense of inferior/ superior, in the sense of deferring to others through an exchange. Allow. Assist. Existence calls for you to extend resources and opportunities to those in need.

In this demonstration of the Unity of life, there is redemption. In this exchange of resources and Love, there is renewal.  As you move out in the world again, be of good cheer. Be of strong heart and generous hand. Do not let this time be wasted!

Know that you, each of you is loved beyond measure. Even those of you feeling lost and afraid for this world and its future, know that there are a myriad of angelic forces, ascended masters, healing entities awaiting your call.

Be well my Loves, for you are inheriting the Kingdom of God, and for those of you aware of this possibility, there is great joy and wonder in this. You see, as one is aware, then another level of power and potential exists; it is for this reason that so many of you are awake, in order to awaken others.  Do not overlook this aspect of your human existence, it is a critical open door right now that will give a boost to the new world, through each of you.

Awaken Humanity become the open door to love’s light!

Namaste. We are One. And so, it is.

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4 Responses to Awaken Humanity, Become the Open Door to Love’s Light.

  1. Brenda J Bullinger says:

    Thank you, Hope. Beautiful message to sustain us/one in these times. Blessings be upon you and your family 🙏 ❤️

  2. Jody says:

    Thanks for the message of inspiration

  3. hope says:

    You are welcome!

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