Birthing The Miracle

“There is no false appearance but will fade, if you request a miracle instead.” ~ ACIM Ch30, VIII:6:5

“There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.”~ ACIM:Ch1,I, I,1.

These quotes from A Course In Miracles  inspired me to ask Jesus if he had any message as I sat down to write the blog about creating miracles that I posted last week...

“Dear One, the apparent order of difficulty in miracles comes alone from the perspective that life in the dual world is for Real. In effect this world you know as your own, is not Real, it is a projection of thoughts and ideas and emotions, and in tangible form it presides upon your bodies and your minds.

If, for example, there were no True Reality this dual world would not exist. This world exists only because of the True Reality that exists behind and within it all. Reality is changeless and formless. And allows the potential for form and change to be manifest.

If you were to examine the ways that you proceed with your life, you would notice that there is only a series of ideas and thoughts that flow through your mind continually.    They are what assist in the manifestation of this world and its response to your individual mind/body construct. And so your impulse to change that world is one that is important to understand and important to embrace from within the realm that it is Real (non-dual).

Within duality, there is form and motion and all the things of manifestation’s life.

In the Real world there is none of this. Not even a heavenly realm.

The Real World, is not a world at all, it is this Formless, Changeless, Untouchable and Untouched Reality that makes all of the manifest world possible.

The ‘place’ where these apparently two different realities: your dual projection and the untouchable Truth interface is not an interface at all in the physical sense, it is in the perceptual transformation of the dual into the non dual Truth… it is in residing as the non dual Truth while presiding over a body. If you hold this Non-dual Truth to be your reality, then the malleability of this dual world is within your grasp. Grasp is a poor word for there can be no grasping energy in this interaction. There can be only the realization that All is One, from this perspective there is no emotion of lack or little ness or not enough-ness. There is only complete wholeness, confidence, assurance and Love.

Love is foremost and love is what holds this experiential matrix of human life together.

You see as you create a reality of love or hate or animosity or frustration and your neighbor does the same, in an ever changing panoply of moments that cycle through a life, there is only Love that holds it together… your neighbor’s reality and yours are forever intertwined as they are the same One that you are. They preside over their body; it’s their first language so to speak. You may, as time goes on, learn the next language of the True Self. As you learn this second language, the language of Love not hate, the language of Unity not separation, as this becomes fluent, then the miracle of relationship with this world changes. You are then in an identity where you preside over the choosing, the projection and thus the movie you both live within is changed. As the movie of your life, and your neighbor’s life changes, the world is transformed.

Lift your sights and all is different. In realities of choice, such as you live within, you are bound to choose, and when you choose the Miracle, the way of being that is coursing forth into the consciousness of humans now, there is a potential for the out picturing of the human reality to be changed, to be uplifted. To be transformed. Not in an instantaneous way but in a gradual way. As subtle shifts in perspective and morals take form, the world is gently and unerringly changed. As your perspective lifts from ideas of ‘impossible’ to the realization of ‘possibility’ then it is a golden day that is ahead.

The Miracle as you know it and have experienced it, is not to be poo pooed as impossible, or chalked up as a fairy tale. So much is possible for the human who knows it is not a human at all! We who live entrenched in old ideas of lack, end up becoming lack luster. We who live in the reality of possibility and potential find that our world presents possibilities to us.

In sharing these words, it is hoped that you will find in these lines, something of that eternal knowing, that like a long handle on a sticky valve, gives the leverage that allows movement where there was no movement before.

Hold forth in True form, True understanding and True Light bearing, for you are the Self. You are that which is never born, never dies, never ever was touched by what has happened to the body or this world. The essential Awareness that occurs in your life, is the True you. The True and only I/ You… Whole and Complete. No injury can touch or consume it, except if you allow yourself to believe it can (for you are not just your body).

You are the power and the glory that is possible on this Earth, and for that reason you are presented with the power to heal, the power to transform, the power to create, as the True Self embodied in this life. You know the challenges well, you have researched them well enough!

Now is the time to research the aspects of your creator-ship that are Holy, that are Whole.

Research the Miracle potential of your life. Allow the Miracle to occur, allow the fullness of who you are to out picture into your world. It has been said that it is no greater miracle to create a button or a castle, allow these to be your watchwords for the coming days, the coming weeks, the coming times,

for your thoughts are possibly the most potent force on your Earth

and for this reason we call forth you who read this to be empowered,

to bring forth your vision of yourself as ONE God, Whole, Holy, Unborn and Untouched, Unconcerned and unwilling (unable) to be drawn down by any manifestation in the physical world within it.

Lift yourself to this One True Reality in thought word and deed and all is drawn forth from higher realms of manifestation for your use… your work… for your out picturing.

We thank you for listening, for reading, for holding this in your heart as you observe yourself throughout your day. The Miracle awaits your birthing of her.

Good Day.”

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Here is a link to Hope’s book Being The Miracle Of Love, Conversations With Jesus

Namaste.~ Hope / Freedom



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