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Dear One,

Beholding the unity of all things is a great blessing. Choosing to see only that fine thread of the origin and Source in all beings, all creatures, and all material substance is what heals and what frees. If you find yourself caught up in the world of change, of contrast and of discordancy within it ~ look for that which animates and makes it all possible. The beggar becomes a king, the smallest things become beautiful and precious, and all … Continue reading

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The Substance Of Love

Love is the glue and mortar of Life. It holds and fills, binds and connects the Life that we are as the Source Of All. It is not something that comes and goes, it is steady and solid. If we notice this, there is an opportunity that is otherwise lost. It is the opportunity to align with Love and formulate a world that is in peaceful acknowledgement of its foundation in Love. We offer a system to make this possible, … Continue reading

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Regret or Gratitude?

I had a chat with Jesus the other night and thought worth sharing, it is his response to my middle of the night plea for perspective and encouragement… Dear One: The miserable aspects of human life are also the most wonderful. The extremes. They will tear you down and apart and fill you and make you dance. It really boils down to the choice in the moment. The remembrance of time’s passing and the end point of regret or gratitude. That … Continue reading

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Easter Morning 2015

‘Worship’ Dear Ones, Know that there is no ‘expectation’ of conversation and union on this day.[1] We exist as we are, always… forever and our union in the moment for sharing is an occurrence that occurs, as there is the vibrational alignment for it. You exist in a matrix of finality; We exist in a matrix of infinite potentials and possibilities where there is no set way, schedule, or belief. You are ‘that which is present in the moment for … Continue reading

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Easter Sunrise Conversation with Jesus

Good Morning Dear Ones, This is a day worthy of your  intent for Ascension in Union with the God of Truth and Light… that You Are in Truth and Light as well. Live This, allow your Sight, your Words, your Actions, your Focus to remain upon the ONE that is. The ONE of all time and eternity.

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