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You Are Liberty Climbing The Ladder of Consciousness

Our every act of love, our every act of inclusion, our every gentle touch, and our every internal choice for peace is carried forth into the information field, where it uplifts and informs all humanity… it creates. Continue reading

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Address, Assess, Acknowledge and Appreciate!

This blog is a bit different; it focuses upon the body’s healing. I was doing my morning exercises when I saw a flash of bright light, which is my cue to tune into it and find out what I am being asked to do. It said it wanted to share with me a way of healing, so I sat down at the computer and had this dialog: “Healing requires the engagement of the entire body system.” What does that mean … Continue reading

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A Vision On The River Path

I was walking along the river path on a sunny afternoon, looking ahead at four people and their dogs walking ahead of me. A portal of clear sight opened up somehow and I became aware of the ONE, the substrate of existence… or That which holds everything… and the ONEness that is behind/within/around everything became perceptible. All the forms walking ahead of me were just mirage-like  hollow shells, filled with and walking within this Oneness. I could see how this … Continue reading

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Words from Gaia

As you walk on the Earth walk softly. As you live on the Earth live gently. As you interact, know that the Earth is listening. The Earth will inherit the care and tending of your children.

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