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A Vision On The River Path

I was walking along the river path on a sunny afternoon, looking ahead at four people and their dogs walking ahead of me. A portal of clear sight opened up somehow and I became aware of the ONE, the substrate of existence… or That which holds everything… and the ONEness that is behind/within/around everything became perceptible. All the forms walking ahead of me were just mirage-like  hollow shells, filled with and walking within this Oneness. I could see how this … Continue reading

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A Valentine From The Self

I wonder what the One SELF That We All Are might say in a Valentine to us? It could be kind of hard actually, The Self and us all being already united as one, there is no longing, no pining or divorce, because we, the Self are Love itself! But just for the sake of duality, and playing the game of this magnificent projection here is a message that our OneSelf might write to us on Valentine’s day… so here … Continue reading

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Envision 10 Things

A couple of days ago in a conversation with Jesus he suggested I envision the perfect outcome… the perfect future for something. Here are his words: “ …we have a request. It is to see the way through it all to a rosy and light filled future. To see past the darkness, past the difficulty, past the disharmony to the future beyond and within those times. If you were to hold your sites on the far reaches of the future, … Continue reading

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115: The Grand Quest Fulfilled

Dear Ones, if you were to but realize your Grandeur… the Truth of who you are, it would be an easy choice. Many of you as yet are still attached to your unworthiness, your difficulties of life, your challenges and your ways of seeing the world. We are not here to make you feel ‘less’ at any level, we are here to free you from your identification with the small, separate, ego-based self that has held you here… captive and … Continue reading

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98: Staircase To Ascension

Dear One, Forgive yourself for all your transgressions against the One.  Allow yourself to be complete right now.   No need to carry your guilt for having forgotten your True nature and Identity as Love.  Just choose now to make the alignment with who you Truly Are.  Expand and include all as Self. It may seem impossible or remote or it may even seem absurd!  We ask of you to please stop reading here for a moment and ask yourself … Continue reading

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82: Become the Greater and the Lesser Falls Away and 83: Freedom: To Become the Compassionate Loving Hero(ine) of your own Story

Self-identity as ONE brings the practice of human projection to a standstill. V You see, as the human is an individualized identity, then there is the projector phenomenon V that goes on unconsciously. The human projects upon others what is actually occurring within themselves. V As the human identity expands to include All, then it becomes more difficult to be a human projector V in the malfunctioning way.

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Radio Interview with Reisha Baker and Hope Ives Mauran

Hi All- I thought I would share this link on a good interview that I did this week on Law of Attraction Radio with Reisha Baker on her show Power Talk. If this link doesn’t work you can copy and paste it into your browser and it should get you to the right place. Thanks. Hope Mauran, The Miracle of Love Posted on 02/24/2015 1:00AM Reisha PowerTalks with acclaimed author, coach, speaker and radio host, Hope Ives Mauran about … Continue reading

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69: Your Personality and the Eternality

How to Live as ONE is the working question of your life and for this we offer these tools and ideas:  Forgiveness brings freedom from suffering and selfhood. Forgive yourself for the idea that you are separate, and isolated in human form. V Forgive yourself for being here. It is hard to do this, V but it brings Freedom to Be so much more. V Your gift in freeing yourself is that you are then a Beacon that others may … Continue reading

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68: Your Essence Is Very Close

Dear One, We are ONE, Whole, True and fulfilled in the instant of so knowing. V Humanity’s withdrawal from this ONEness was something that never really took place in our reality. V In our arena the world is Still Whole with Your presence as ONE there. V There is no place that is not part of this ONE; there is NO ONE that is NOT ONE! V This is the True Reality of our existence and Love for you. 

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By the GRACE of Human birth into a body, Humanity has a task to complete. The task is the overcoming of all weaknesses… by the Glory of the LIGHT that is present in knowing the TRUTH of your identity and claiming it.

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