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Be Kind To Nature

“Dear Ones, In order for the natural world to be in harmony with its expressions, it requires of the individual expressions within it to be at harmony with themselves. The discord, the internal discord in the human family is one factor in the challenge of nature’s demonstrations, and extreme conditions at this time. Although there are many people in harmony and joy and uplifted perspective, the bulk of humans are in internal discord, separated from themselves as beings ingrained and … Continue reading

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You Are Liberty Climbing The Ladder of Consciousness

Our every act of love, our every act of inclusion, our every gentle touch, and our every internal choice for peace is carried forth into the information field, where it uplifts and informs all humanity… it creates. Continue reading

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I Asked For Healing

I asked for healing and received this message: “In order to heal you must act differently, think differently, move differently. It requires a complete change of focus. A focus upon the healing that is, already, in the wholeness of timelessness. See the Oneness always. Transcend the separation- always. Unify the Self with all others in spirit, not it form. If you use these precepts then there is a new relational pattern with your Source, with the One that you are … Continue reading

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Be In the Living Light of Love

“Take down a letter to the human family.” What shall you say? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Dear Ones, it is with great joy I return to your awareness on this Saturday. It is a day filled with potential and with joyful endeavors. Be not afraid to focus yourself upon the tasks at hand that require of you to be in the living light of love.  What actions might be taken that will fill me with love in action? Ask this of yourself. And … Continue reading

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A Message for all Humanity From our Future Self

What shall I do? “Sit down and write a message to all humanity.” Please dictate. “Dear Ones, you are blessed, there is only Love. All emanations and evidence otherwise are merely a dream of separation. Enjoy yourself, your family and your life, for it is of your choosing to live as you do. Be of good cheer, as you sort yourself out of the dream you call life on Earth, it requires attention, and not to be taken too seriously, … Continue reading

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Awaken Humanity, Become the Open Door to Love’s Light.

Dear Ones, this is a time of sorrow on Earth; a time of healing will come of this. Undoing the past is impossible, and not necessary. Creating a new future is what is called for. Begin today to create the world that you would like to see created. Create a world filled with equality, fraternity, and beauty.  Wonder at the possibilities of the coming together of those that were previously separated! From worlds that were separate, create a world where … Continue reading

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With Knowledge…

With knowledge of driving a car you can get from place to place faster. With knowledge of who you are you realize there is nothing to go after… No place to get to, No one to meet, Nothing to acquire, Everything’s complete.

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10.10.10 Fertilizer for Life

A suggestion from my Guides… For the Earth: Healing, Prayer, Meditation or send it energy, it is all good! For Others: Send them Love, Good thoughts, and energy. For You: Sit quietly and focus upon the feeling of your breath blowing past your upper lip into your nose. Guaranteed to bring flowers and fruiting to your life garden!

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Revealing Our Oneness Empowers Humanity

Summary: We are mired in patterns of thought, behavior and relationship, that are based on our belief that we as humans, are separate from each other. The knowledge and understanding that we are Consciousness, shifts our self identity and reveals our intrinsic unity, oneness and our essential nature as Love. Let us commit to align to the Love that we are, and reveal our true selves as masterful creators of this new Earth. The greatest insurance we have against re-empowering the … Continue reading

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Come and learn who we Truly are, beyond the body And beyond time and space. Freedom Mauran’s illustrated talk is sourced from Vedanta. It’s an ancient and effective means of knowledge for knowing who we truly are. It helps us understand enlightenment and God, and assists us to see through the challenges of life. Sunday April 5th, 2-4 pm Eastern Time It’s online in the ZOOM meeting forum -info below The talk is about an hour and there will be … Continue reading

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