Create the New World With A List Of 100 Things

Dear One, in order to enact the purpose for which you have all arrived here onEarth, it requires of you a focus, that is clear and intentional.

With this in mind I request that your focus be upon the glorious and beautiful outcome of these trying times.

In order to focus upon the creation of a new world and reality, very specific awareness of each thought you create is valuable.

This means, to forgive yourself and the world for what is happening right now, that you find challenging, and see beyond it. Past its current manifestation to the future potential of this world.

Enliven your life in these days ahead by starting a list.                                                  A creative list for the future world you will enjoy.    The world as it might be, in an environment that is intentionally crafted by your thoughts.

Realism is valuable as is the willingness to set aside what has been in order to make way for what might yet be!

Your focus is powerful.   It allows so much to occur in a physical sense, it gets things done.

In an energetic and vibrational sense, your focus is extremely important,   and holds the key to the future world you inhabit.

Understanding the connection between what you think and what you experience is a foundation block of the mature human…

Be the human who is helping this situation, and not one throwing fuel upon the fire. of discord, resistance and destruction.

We live as humans, ensconced in bodies, that are fragile, and temperamental.  Allowing this frailty, while too calling upon the magnificent inner strength. that we all possess is the challenge of these times.

Please join with me in creation, intentional creation of the world.  In spite of what challenges you now, allow a softer, kinder more loving reality to form, In service to growth and maturity.

Your capacity and willingness to take your mind off what is in order to create  what might yet be, is critical to this transformation upon earth.

Earth is changing, and what we humans create is important. What we envision as our mind wanders is powerful. Steer your thoughts to harmony, beauty, and love.

Sever your ties with loneliness, discord and dissatisfaction. There is no need to forego what is possible here on Earth.

Give this world a chance to be what it can be,  a world of beauty and harmony, and love.     A list of 100 things is a great way to do this   and to anchor its vision within your world.

Start now, create a list of what the Earth might be like when this is all over. You too may find comfort in the process, and it will in fact be creating a new reality, a new Earth… a new world.

Enjoy! Namaste we are One, and so it is.

Write them down. Writing them down will be helpful and give clarity about what you want to create or have happen. It will be an ongoing list that helps focus your mind upon what you do want.

 *** All written in the present tense and positively framed-

************* Don’t use any words for things you don’t want!

100 Things that describe the new world ~ when we leave our homes, when this is all over.

  • Allow life to be as it is, in the sense of appreciation for the grace and goodness that is here already within us all.
  • Even in times of challenge the focus is upon life’s goodness and grace.
  • Overflowing confidence and ease are present everywhere.
  • Understanding others is a priority.
  • Living together is a choice and increasingly joyful.
  • Overcoming inherent difficulties is easier.
  • Love is substance, that like salt is sprinkled upon everything.
  • Lifting our sights to love and goodness is easy.
  • Our homes are immaculately clean of negative thoughts & ideas about life.
  • Grace and goodness are overflowing.
  • Understanding the unity of all things is a primary goal for scholars.
  • As the healing occurs around the world, a new vision of unity and connection takes place.
  • Offering our vision of the new world is a God-given right and is welcomed by the media and news agencies.
  • Understanding our children, our parents, and those with whom we weather the storms of life is promoted.
  • Disagreements are handled with compassion and love.
  • There is more to life than is evidenced by human eyes, is increasingly known and accepted.
  • After the time of isolation is over there is much rejoicing and love for life and the gifts of this world.
  • ________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________
  • ________________________________________________________etc….

Please post your ideas and your list, share the idea and focus on the positive… on the new Earth!

If you wish to be on a prayer list, or needs anything, please let me know.          Freedom Mauran.

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