Creating Miracles… the I AM and the I AIN’T!

  • A quote from
  • A Course In Miracles… from the Manual For Teachers 22:1

Healing and Atonement are not related; they are identical. There is no order of difficulty in miracles because there are no degrees of Atonement. It is the one complete concept possible in this world, because it is the source of a wholly unified perception.”

  • “I am willing to do this the miracle way.” 
  • That’s what I have been saying lately. I’ve had a busy and miracle-filled summer, my son got married in my backyard, I put my house on the market, found and bought a new house in a new state, and hosted a retreat weekend. At each turn and transition I flowed with it, and when I noticed myself slogging, or thinking something was going to be hard, I would say out loud:
  • “I am willing to do this the miracle way.” 
  • To say this phrase it is like a window opening up into a stuffy situation. I immediately feel a sense of possibility and movement. In saying I am WILLING to do this the miracle way,  am inviting the whole of creation to be on my team, and that brings with it a host of potentials I cannot even yet imagine. My willingness was fluid, I was even keeled and steady all summer, I was not caught up in anything that appeared and that needed to be dealt with. (Except the time I drank a Pina Colada and the massive refined sugar load hijacked my equanimity and I became irritated!) For the most part, I was the person I have been wanting to be all my life.
  • So I wanted to share this miracle inviting formula so you might play around with it a bit yourself.
  • A few miracle-assisting rules of thumb have been gleaned from this summer:
  • * Keep your vibration high, your attitude light and visit the Lightfield if you can! I have been going to the Lightfield several times a week and it is a huge gift to my higher Self, my equanimity and my inspired mind!    Or Listen to some spiritual music or your favorite teacher, or someone like Abraham Hicks, or Dr Joe Dispenza. Avoid the mass media. Get out in nature. Relax and have fun!
  • * Ask for help when you need help.There is no need to suffer in silence alone.  “I am willing to do this, (see / experience this) the miracle way.”
  • Miracles can come from anywhere because they are literally everywhere by definition. When I get miraculous help, what gets done, received and resolved is far beyond what I’d hoped for. Jesus told Hetty once:

“you as for crusts of bread when I would give you the whole loaf.”

  • * Follow through with bold inspired thoughts. Notice new thoughts and ideas, and don’t discount them as impossible.
  • When the idea of inviting people to help me unpack dropped into my mind, it scared me, I thought it was a bit presumptuous. In the spirit of Miracles are everywhere, I was empowered to do it anyway…
  • When I invited friends to an Unpacking Party the day after I moved at my new home, 10 people showed up. The house got put in order to the extent of even hanging up my tv and getting me a Netflix account! The house was blessed and seeded with the energy of my friends, with good food, with the community and connections they created and most of all with the love they all brought. Without the miracle attitude, I would have buckled down and done it myself,  but with the miracle attitude, it was so much lighter and easier and way more fun.
  • * You don’t have to know how your request will birth a miracle! It’s best to be completely open to all potentials when you ask. You need to be able to recognize a miracle when it happens, if you have an idea what it has to look like, you may completely miss it.
  • * The miracle is the I AM in action,
  •                                    the slogging human is the I AIN’T in action.
  •   Know the difference!  Recognize when you need to say the phrase  “I am willing to do this the miracle way”  and be able to say it with lightness, possiblity, wonder and vision.
  • *With the knowing that this is a non-dual, world appearing as duality miracles become natural.

    And thus are miracles as natural as fear and agony appeared to be before the choice for holiness was made. For in that choice are false distinctions gone, illusory alternatives laid by and nothing left to interfere with truth.” ACIM Ch 31, VIII,5:6-7

  • It is in remembrance of our True situation here, that our lives are blessed with miracles. We are all One life, One body, One human, all pretending to be otherwise. The I AM is who we are, the I AIN’T is who we have been. Miracles come as we step aside and allow the I AM to bring miracles into our lives.
  • May you be blessed with the capacity to receive and become the Miracle of Love that you are.
  • Blessings~ Hope / Freedom
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