Jesus’ Easter Message 2018

Dear Ones, It is with great joy that I greet you on this blessed day. Our work upon this Earth is no different than in days and years past, and yet it has a different flavor in its way. You see these times upon this Earth are what all have been waiting for. These times are the times of pivotal and lasting change that will become the hallmark of your time, in that the whole of life will be oriented in a way counter to its focus in the past. In Truth, there is no work to be done in the outer world, as much as in the inner realms of your own most sacred and blessed Self. The human family is asked in these times to become the Self that is their True Self, the Self that knows itself to be divine, that is present to the realization that All Is One here. If this minute and monumental shift is made within each, the rest of the manifestation shall take care of itself easily, naturally and with great speed.

It is not that things are wrong, and that the human family has been misguided, it is that the energy and frequency of the Earth are now ready to accommodate this shift that those of you on the spiritual path have been readying yourself for. The time is now. The Earth is ready, like a dog crouching to jump across a stream of swiftly running water, the Earth has awaited this time, as have you, and it is now upon us to leap! Not in a way of fear and trepidation but in a way of celebration and joyful relief. We have made the journey to this time and place in human history and this is a great benefit to us all. For the Earth, our treasured hostess and source of physical life, is present to this shift and leading us upon the new road. The Earth is shaking and shifting, and cleansing and clearing, wiping clean and building up, and our job is to stay with her, to tend to each other and the work at hand, from the realization that she is like a ship amidst the vast ocean of this universe, and she is ours to tend to and Love, as we would a ship we rely upon in the middle of a vast ocean. Keep her ship shape, make sure she is well repaired and cared for, inspect her systems, to see they are operating well, and above all tend your mates upon the ship, your fellow travelers upon this journey of life upon Earth.

It has been said that “All is One”, and this is True. It will not be a sensed feeling unless the actions to fulfill its Truth are made manifest first. So you must act and then your heart and your soul and your willing hands will feel the tender kindness of that decision from the clarity of Unity. Upon Easter, and upon the brink of a new era upon this earth, there is only the task you find yourself tending to right now to concern yourself with. As the focus is upon the Unity of all life, and upon the brotherhood and sisterhood of manKIND, then the systems and great creative force that animates and empowers all life and all action will be the organizing power behind this great change. One vast centralizing government is not required in the halls of man, for there is the natural and innate power within all that is the conduit to this energy and opportunity of life. The first and most important step is to see the Self in the other and the other in yourSelf; Simple, powerful, and important for the human birthing to the new era being brought forth now upon this Earth and in our Solar System.

We thank you, and offer our great love and healing for those in difficulty, and say Namaste we ARE One. And so it is.                                                                       March 29, 2018

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