Create the New World With A List Of 100 Things

Dear One, in order to enact the purpose for which you have all arrived here onEarth, it requires of you a focus, that is clear and intentional.

With this in mind I request that your focus be upon the glorious and beautiful outcome of these trying times.

In order to focus upon the creation of a new world and reality, very specific awareness of each thought you create is valuable.

This means, to forgive yourself and the world for what is happening right now, that you find challenging, and see beyond it. Past its current manifestation to the future potential of this world.

Enliven your life in these days ahead by starting a list.                                                  A creative list for the future world you will enjoy.    The world as it might be, in an environment that is intentionally crafted by your thoughts.

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The Virus of Love

The Virus of Love.     A 3 minute 15 second video I spontaneously sat down to receive guidance on what is going on here in the world now.


I was inspired to do a “fireside chat” since the fire is so beautiful this morning.

People have been asking me what I have “gotten” from the higher realms around the issues at hand on this day in March of 2020, so I thought I would just tune in and see what comes.

Beloveds, thank you for your inquiry here on this day. There is a great opportunity here in the challenges of these times.

And what we of the higher realms would ask is that the vision for the future, be ingrained into concrete in the strongest way possible.

There are opportunities here to have our thoughts and our words and our actions funneled off into the realms of fear, vulnerability and discord.

And we would invite you to be ever present, ever stalwart, ever focused in your focus upon the beauty and the joy and the wonder of what is possible upon this earth.

So many light-workers are turning to the realization that Love is being like the virus, and the virus of love will spread far and wide as we share it. As we are socially promoting it, as we bring it into our ever interaction, our every thought, our every word, our every email, our every phone call.

And so, in order for us to create this new world that we would like to be living in, it asks of us to share the words of love, the thoughts of love, the energy of heart love, as we send forth from our hearts that, conscious, chosen, crafted love, we have the opportunity to bring more and more of it to this earth.

And as you well know, love is a healing force. Love is the grace and goodness that is the essence within us all, and as we bring it forth, as we join with it to change  this world that we see all around us, there are many wonderful opportunities that will occur. Thank you for asking on this day. 

May you be blessed, may your loved ones be blessed. 

And all is well!

Thank You.


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The Nectar Within 

Dear One,
In order to promote the sense of empowered presence that is the opportunity for a human, it requires an inner stillness that comes from steady abiding. Steady abiding means to be at one’s center and core, in how one is referencing life.
Like a plant that sends out rootlets to inquire for water, or a multi stemmed vine that searches for support, humans may be referencing the outer world for sustenance and support… or the inner world.
It makes great good sense to promote an inner focus, not only in times of trial, but in times of exuberant celebration as well. You see there is another way of looking at life that deserves mention.

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Yes, The Re-set Button Is Being Pushed

What will we choose to envision for when it all boots up again?
Greetings Dear One, it is now that the time is here,
to examine what the options are.
The options for the future of this planet,
not just for individual lives,
but for all that comes henceforth.
There are choices to be made.
We wish to offer some guidance along the lines of the future
and where it may be envisioned to go.
If you see the world as your place, your task,
your opportunity to make a difference,
then there is hope for it.

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Have A Seat!

Keeping my thoughts positive, productive, and loving has been a challenge recently. So, I tuned in received this…

 Dear One, In order to transcend physical reality, and the transient issues that change one reality to the next, constantly, and in order to maintain inner peace, there is a requirement of stillness. 

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Talk on: Who Am I… Really?







Come and learn who we Truly are,
Beyond the body
And beyond time and space.
Freedom Mauran’s illustrated talk is sourced
from Vedanta. It’s an ancient and effective
means of knowledge for knowing who we truly are,
for understanding enlightenment,
and for seeing through the challenges of life,
to the wondrous beauty of this world.
Sunday April 5th, 2-4 pm
October Gardens Yoga Center
6 North Street, Goshen CT, USA
(Just north of the rotary on rte. 63)
A free will donation to October Gardens appreciated.

Questions? Please call 860-605-533

Hope you will be able to come!

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Address, Assess, Acknowledge and Appreciate!

This blog is a bit different; it focuses upon the body’s healing. I was doing my morning exercises when I saw a flash of bright light, which is my cue to tune into it and find out what I am being asked to do. It said it wanted to share with me a way of healing, so I sat down at the computer and had this dialog:

“Healing requires the engagement of the entire body system.”

What does that mean in effect? In practice?

“Communicate to the body, its inherent perfection and ask it to be aware of the wrong road that has been entered upon, that is not leading towards full health. By using the entire body, by actually approaching the body as a community of cells, address the cells and the structure they have created as one being, and request, re-assessment of the path each body system has engaged in.”

“Focus on the (healing) path of each (body) system, and ask for a reset on the systems that are not operating maximally. Proper Healing requires the engagement of the entire body system.” Continue reading

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Thanksgiving For The Presence Within

It’s easy to ignore the source and support of our lives… the Cause, that which makes us alive.

Ever forward and outward we focus, always in “what’s next?” readiness. We move toward our desires, deal with our tasks, negotiate around our difficulties.

There is more to life than endlessly dealing with the 5 senses and their daily non stop harvests of information.

Look inward for a moment or two, stop the outer focus. Take a breath, relax, let out a sigh. Close your eyes and stop the momentum of thoughts and actions.

Sometimes even sitting still, we are internally running at full speed!

Stop for just a moment and notice.

You aren’t alone.

You are being held by Life itself. Sit with Life and realize what this means. You are held, you aren’t alone. I asked Jesus to please speak of the Supporting Presence within…

Oh Beloveds, I am so grateful to speak on this topic, that so many find ignorance of. It is not a mystery, it is the very essence of who you are. Your source, my source are the same, they are not different. It is only upon this realization and tangible experience in the reflective waking state, that trust for life is possible. We learn to trust life when this “part” of ourselves is made evident to us. In truth, it is in all of us and in all of this world, and yet we easily ignore it …caught up in our thoughts, senses, words…. the world.

So I invite examination of what holds you, what supports you, in fact… what is you… As the source and essence of life. You needn’t meditate and reach a high state for this awareness, it is here in every moment, just overwhelmed by all the external clutter and inputs of daily life.

I love to speak on this, for it, not you, is the source and support of your life. It is steady, ever present, unwavering. Enjoy its presence. Honor it, thank it. Investigate it.

It is not just yours, it is in all things and all people. Ask your friends about it too!

Understanding its consistent, pervasive and supportive nature, is like discovering there’s a back to the chair you’ve been perching on.

Enjoy being held. Realize you aren’t alone, and be grateful for the essence that you are is also precious, whole and complete. It needs nothing, goes nowhere, and loves all equally. And so you might consider surrender to your presence. It is the essence of life, and it is within you.

Surrender doesn’t mean “you take the wheel” but surrender in the sense of “resting within it”, be in the world while conscious its presence within.

It makes a world of difference!

All is One may you be blessed.


Happy Thanksgiving Every-One!



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The Masquerade

Dear One, As you know it is only  “I” that you and I are, and yet we play this charade of separation that fools us all most of the time.

If you look upon this world, the one you sit in, it would seem to be a separate place, with separate beings and entities. If this is so, then what is the truth of non-duality and what is the truth of Oneness?

It is not a false hope that there is One, there is ONE. Only, Always, and Forever. And in this knowing, there is so much that is gained and so little that is lost! Continue reading

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Link for~ Karma: the Currency of Life

Hi All! This is the link to my recent talk on

Karma: the Currency of Life, based on love, the gold standard

I posted it in 7 sections, thus each section is posted separately in a playlist.

It is a slideshow, with lots of images, but you can also just listen if that’s your choice.

It totals 1 hr 45 min. , and the sections are of varying length.

It is recommended to watch it in order.

Thanks for sharing it if you feel so moved.

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of Summer!

I am using the name Freedom now, instead of Hope, in case the name Freedom Mauran makes you wonder if you got my twin sister instead of me!

Blessings Love and Light!

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