Thanks-giving, Gratitude, Gr-atitude, Great-attitude or perhaps God’s-Real-Attitude.

What do we actually appreciate when we give Thanks at this time of year?

We honor the Earth for her bounty, the harvest that feeds and clothes us.

We honor our friends and family for their presence and enrichment of our lives.

We honor the world that we live within, the greater human family, the neighborhood,          the town, the state, the country, or the communal structure that we live as a part of.

We Thank God or the Creator or the Self That We All Are. The True Source of all.

We may stop there,  but there is one more step to take for True Gratitude and Thanks-giving. It is the remembrance that there is only One of us that sits at the table. Continue reading

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What Is Liberty?

As I walked past my painting of the Statue of Liberty in my studio, I was struck with the question : What is Liberty?

Liberty is  many things including freedom. Freedom to do and be what we wish. There are different levels of freedom, sourced from different levels or frequencies of life. Understanding what they are helps us to uncover a deeper Truth.  The Unshakable Truth that True freedom and True Liberty that are built upon. Continue reading

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7. The Eagle’s Flight, Fortitude and Flexibility In Remembrance

86. Dear One, this time is rich with opportunities to forgive and move beyond the limitations of how we think and act and live. It means for example that the upliftment of our life comes as we find different ways to think and look upon the actions of those around us and upon what occurs on Earth. In lifting our sight to Healing and Oneness, always and only, as The Self That We All Are And Have Always Been, our sense of limitation no longer binds us. Continue reading

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6. The Eagle’s Flight, We Are The Hurricanes

72. Dear One, If you see this as a transmission of our world to yours it is a missive of separation. if you see this as a narrative of what is True in the one and only Reality, it is a missive of union, a map Home. We wish for it to be not divisive but a unifying transmission.

73. Remembering our identity of “The Self That We All Are”, let’s see with Manifestation’s perspective; imagine seeing this world as our own perfect creation. The laws in action are consistent, reliable… objective. They operative with equality. We could even say they operate with Love. They are whole and complete, creating a world that reflects that wholeness and completion.

74. Standing aligned with the human race, and as “The Self That We All Are And Have Always Been” requires some attunement with the higher perspective of one who sees more than what meets the eye.  Seeing what occurs and knowing its Perfection is an important challenge.  Without the capacity to see through what occurs on Earth, we are prisoners.

75. We are prisoners when our joy, happiness, creativity, worthiness, and health are at the mercy of the physical world. In Truth we are never bound, we are The Self. Remembering this is all it takes to free ourselves. Remembering this empowers us to Love ourselves and the world. Continue reading

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5. The Eagle’s Flight, Being Done

64. We are blessed, uplifted and harmonized within a great system of life that we are unaware of unless we inquire into it. Apparently we live an individual life yet there is no such thing. All Life is a matrix of uncountable beings, life and substance that is held in perfect union, by perfect laws in the creation that assist the flow and continuum of the One Life. I read this to myself during English class @ my son’s Parent’s Weekend at school. and it completely shifted me from seeing separation, to seeing the common thread of life and identity in everyone in the room.

Continue reading

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4. The Eagle’s Flight, The Limitation Of Particularity

56. Dear One, it is a beautiful time on Earth and we wish to acknowledge this. Much is occurring, much is in transformation. As humanity learns to know itself by its True Identity of the “Self That We All Are And Have Always Been” the perfection at hand is much easier to see.

57. It is with this in mind that we offer another avenue for inquiry into the Self: examination of our own senses and observing their generic, across-the-board commonality. They are not particular or special to us.  How all humans garner information, and that which makes it all possible is the Self! Continue reading

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The Hidden Door To Love

Lately it seems like life is going faster than ever before. With so many things calling for attention in my life and in the world, it often feels like too much is happening.

Since the eclipse on August 21st I have noticed that something different is now available that I wanted to share with you. The actual feeling of being overwhelmed, or of too much coming at me at once, is now a trigger for me to find the hidden door to Love. I am a visual person and so I have used an image to help me see the love behind everything.  Continue reading

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3. The Eagle’s Flight, All Is Well

46. Dear One, if we were to advance the causes of Freedom and Love it would be by uplifting the human family to God Consciousness, to the understanding of our True Identity as “The Self That We all Are and Have Always Been.” “All is well” is a theme that is naturally ingrained within the human that knows itself as the Self. The Self is Whole and Complete, and non separate from “All That Is”.

47. Beloved Ones we are so blessed, so uplifted, so harmonized within a great system of life that we are unaware of unless we look for it. We needn’t look far, because it is the life that we live within, that is so familiar, so ordinary… so mundane~ it is the Self. We have labeled all the things of our world with names and forms for convenience, but actually the only thing we have ever known or seen is the Self! Continue reading

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2. The Eagle’s Flight, In Tandem With Life

The previous posting “from Wholeness to Home” continues on…

26. In pursuing this quest for Home, there is much to consider, for it requires of you a decision, a decision to fulfill the choice for Oneness, for the Self.

27. One of the great sayings is that man cannot serve two masters¹. One must let go of other identities, they have different needs and desires, they have different goals and ways of accomplishing them.

28. And so to fulfill the goal of union with the Self, which is engaging the world as the Self, one must let go of the lesser identities that have distracted and embalmed us in a life of quiet desperation. And so our master must be the Self That We All Are And Have Always Been.

29. The Self is who we Truly Are, pervasive, ever-present, ongoing, never born, eternal. We say to you now, the time is here to know this is you and to engage life from this level. Continue reading

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1. The Eagle’s Flight, from Wholeness to Home


Dear Friends, this posting points us to the non-duality that we live within. Imperfect in its attempt of the impossible, and perfect in its honest desire to ease the suffering  of separation that duality seems to inflict. Namaste. ~Hope

“And so we begin:

  1. The way Home is fraught with diversions. Be not tempted by them,  but know that you will be. They are the ways of the past; the ways of the future are different.
  2. The future holds the Truth to be the goal of life: the evolution of time and place from ‘service to the human nature machine’  to  service to the One, God, The Source of All, the Self’.
  3. I shall not be named because any separation of identity between us is counter to our work’s goal of fusion to the Self, as the Self, in the Self.
  4. This is important to understand: In the beginning there was the word, that was spoken forth and revealed a dynamic and complete expression of life and wholeness in physical reality. This life and wholeness was an expression of diversity of Light in manifested form and expression.
  5. Each and every item made of the ‘One Self That We all Are’ was brought forth for a specific and important reason: to fulfill the manifest reality’s desire for expression and healing.
  6. The healing was required because there was a schism that occurred setting the process’ expression in motion. The fulfillment of this momentary schism has been this amazing and intricate manifestation of life and apparent reality.
  7. If you were to know this in your life every day, that this world is simply the lingering explosion of that schism, you would turn your eyes and heart back upon the Source… the Self That We All Are.
  8. For in focusing upon the outer world, the manifestation of the schism, there is further definition that comes of it.
  9. The manifest world, has proven itself whole and complete and fulfilled again and again. As the beings create, it is thus, and simply because the human family steadfastly remains focused upon the outward direction of the creation, then the game continues onward seemingly endlessly.
  10. We welcome this opportunity to share the situation amongst those who seek answers to the confusion and mystery of human life, and invite them to join the ‘Self That We All Are’ as the chosen and realized Home. Peace fulfillment and healing occur on all levels as this choice is realized.
  11. Understanding this manifestation is critical to release from it.
  12. In focusing upon the fullness of life, upon the definition of this world as whole and complete, already ‘done’, there is a relief that one might discover in the body mind sense complex.
  13. It is an opportunity to let the anxiousness of incompletion go. This comes as the focus is put upon seeing the world as complete already and seeing the Source of all, The Self That We All Are, as the origin, identity and goal of life.
  14. As the identity of this world’s manifestation as ‘incomplete’ is disassembled there is room created within the human life to focus upon something else, something more: The Self That We All Are.
  15. It is not something that is adopted, like an idea, or a belief, it is the True Self from which the individual human identity has been stolen.
  16. It is in knowing this and ritually and completely disassembling the structure of beliefs and ideas that have held the human focus upon the manifest reality: the outer world (as opposed to the inner world), that true freedom in this manifest world is made possible.
  17. In Jesus’ life expression, his miracles and attitudes were made possible by his anchoring in Home, his living from Home…The Self That We All Are And Have Always Been.
  18. Imagine going to work each day, leaving your earthly home and never being outside of its comfort and safety. This is what it is like for one of this nature.
  19. All humanity has the opportunity to focus in this manner and direction. Now is the time for more and more of the human family to discover this avenue to living within Home all the time, which is Freedom.
  20. Freedom from what? Freedom from ‘dependence on objects’, from the vernacular of Vedanta and James Swartz’s teaching of it.
  21. At home you have what you need to be comfortable, you are at ease, peaceful and secure. You want for nothing. Equanimity comes of the understanding that all is in order, nothing is needed, all is complete.
  22. And so we are grateful to share this understanding, in order to free more of the human family from infusion, embeddedness (or being stuck) within the whole manifest reality of the outer world. And offer the Truth ‘The Self That We All Are’ to be revealed…made known…. noticed!
  23. For it is in knowing the identity of one’s self as ‘The Self That We All Are”, the       I AM we are Home. It just is.
  24. We can put it off as long as we wish, and the joys and suffering will continue on. Or we can choose to stand as “The Self That We All Are” and be Home. That is the choice.
  25. So thank you for joining yourself in this perspective, for that is all it is… a perspective, and thank you for freeing yourself… you, me, ‘The Self That We All Are’ from the schism of thinking that there are separate objects, when it is all One all: The Self That We All Are…. I Am That I Am………….. I Am.”

Continue reading

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