Awaken Humanity, Become the Open Door to Love’s Light.

I asked Jesus if he had some words for us…

Dear Ones, this is a time of sorrow on Earth; a time of healing will come of this. Undoing the past is impossible, and not necessary. Creating a new future is what is called for. Begin today to create the world that you would like to see created.

Create a world filled with equality, fraternity, and beauty.  Wonder at the possibilities of the coming together of those that were previously separated! From worlds that were separate, create a world where all may eat from the table of life’s opportunities, celebrations, and equality of possibility. 

Living as a human family upon this increasingly small planet, requires a new way of looking at each other.

Look not to the things that separate, look to the things that join. As a human family, you all share more than you can imagine! Your life is one life, your human body structure is the same in all. Forgive yourself for seeing only the differences, and choose to see what is the same. Choose to see through the wounds and the challenges, to the heart and mind and presence of each individual, for it is in ensuring all humans are valued that the future is ensured. In solidarity, in oneness in Unity the future unfolds.

We of the realms beyond your sight, hold you all in our hearts. All in the human family are cherished, loved, held and supported. Call upon us in your times of darkness, and in your times of celebration, for we are here always; unified and holding you as our brothers, sisters and others of Light. This ensures that all may be valued, heard and supported in this transition to Love upon your planet.

This is a pivotal time that calls for your action at the level of the heart, and the hands. As you are able to bring those who have been unseen and unheard, into the forums of your governments, and your communities, much will change in a good way. As barriers are broken down, energy and light may flow freely.

A smile goes a very long way, remember this. Allow your tears for the collective suffering of your families, friends and your societies, and move on. Move on to the world created of Love and peaceful coexistence, the world created of harmony within yourself, that radiates outward into your actions and responses to the world. As life unfolds, there is much to look forward to… so much potential to be unleashed, so much creativity to be expressed, so much Love to be given and received.

For we are One family, One nation, and One human Self, seemingly organized into different vessels of expression, but in Truth, only One: One Mind, One Heart, One body, One Consciousness. There is far more that joins than that separates us.

Be still. Take time to be still and relax your nervous system, it is overburdened, as are the adrenal glands. Rest. Meditate. Pray. Be in nature. Be still in life as much as you are active and this will remedy itself. As we move forth together, aligned in Love and the awareness of our Oneness, the world’s demonstrations will ease, and cease to provoke so vehemently.

Take heed of your role as part of the network of humanity. Leave no one behind. Let no one be unloved. Allow for each individual’s expressions, and drill down into the heart of Love that is there, in all… in all the perpetrators of heinous acts, and in all the victims, and receivers of aggressive energy. This is not a lofty ideal, this is a way of being that is crying to come to the earth as a norm.

What if the norm for Earth was to Love? Instead of to call names and attack? What if life on Earth was filled with joy, respect, harmony and celebration? Enjoin yourself to this ideal. Make Love’s expression possible in your life and on this planet too. Make the conscious choice to align to Love.

As you move forth from your homes, back into the world, do so with a gentleness of demeanor, it is not business as usual! Or all is wasted. Choose again to be loving. Choose again to be fair. Be willing to see things differently.

Choose again and again to hold yourself accountable to all life, and to your human family. There is nothing that says all humans must have the same things, there is however a universal law of non-injury… compassion, and healing come of this. Allow the world its unique expression, and also do your part to bring equality to those beings who are starving for it. Not in the sense of inferior/ superior, in the sense of deferring to others through an exchange. Allow. Assist. Existence calls for you to extend resources and opportunities to those in need.

In this demonstration of the Unity of life, there is redemption. In this exchange of resources and Love, there is renewal.  As you move out in the world again, be of good cheer. Be of strong heart and generous hand. Do not let this time be wasted!

Know that you, each of you is loved beyond measure. Even those of you feeling lost and afraid for this world and its future, know that there are a myriad of angelic forces, ascended masters, healing entities awaiting your call.

Be well my Loves, for you are inheriting the Kingdom of God, and for those of you aware of this possibility, there is great joy and wonder in this. You see, as one is aware, then another level of power and potential exists; it is for this reason that so many of you are awake, in order to awaken others.  Do not overlook this aspect of your human existence, it is a critical open door right now that will give a boost to the new world, through each of you.

Awaken Humanity become the open door to love’s light!

Namaste. We are One. And so, it is.

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With Knowledge…

With knowledge of driving a car

you can get from place to place faster.

With knowledge of who you are

you realize there is nothing to go after…

No place to get to,

No one to meet,

Nothing to acquire,

Everything’s complete.

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10.10.10 Fertilizer for Life

A suggestion from my Guides…

For the Earth: Healing, Prayer, Meditation or send it energy, it is all good!

For Others: Send them Love, Good thoughts, and energy.

For You: Sit quietly and focus upon the feeling of your breath blowing past your upper lip into your nose.

Guaranteed to bring flowers and fruiting to your life garden!

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Revealing Our Oneness Empowers Humanity

Summary: We are mired in patterns of thought, behavior and relationship, that are based on our belief that we as humans, are separate from each other. The knowledge and understanding that we are Consciousness, shifts our self identity and reveals our intrinsic unity, oneness and our essential nature as Love. Let us commit to align to the Love that we are, and reveal our true selves as masterful creators of this new Earth. The greatest insurance we have against re-empowering the old unsustainable world, is in rediscovering and anchoring the knowledge of who We Truly Are, and making a choice to choose Love over Fear. 

The Human Situation:  

Our lives and the world’s relational structures, assume that we are all separate human beings, unrelated to all the rest of life, and unfortunately, our current world has been developed on this misunderstanding.

This misunderstanding has created an unstable unsustainable human world, all because we are unaware of who We Truly Are.

  • As humans, we have extensive physical needs for security and survival. We compete in order to ensure that our needs for clothing, shelter, food, water, and resources are met. Our increasingly complex world, makes this a challenging task. Many people live without connection to land on which to grow food. They must rely on acquiring money to pay for food and all other needs.
  • As humans, we are mostly emotionally isolated. Even if we have family and friends, relationships are transient, and changing. It is often our closest relationships that give us difficulties and appear to create suffering for us. We also suffer by people’s presence or absence, when we feel we are tied to others or they to us.1.

This situation of appearing separate, engenders fear. This fear drives our choices and the hierarchy of what we value. We value things that ensure our security, that give us pleasure, that help us feel virtuous, and that give us freedom.2.

  • Mentally

We use our minds to craft greater complexity in systems that help us to survive, as populations have grown. Creating greater focus on our false identity as separate humans.

  • Spiritually

We don’t understand subtle energy (which might be described as very fine material that cannot be seen). Many don’t realize that energy comes before matter. Our world situation is a result of a lopsided focus upon matter alone. We attempt to mold our world with physical manipulations at the level of effects, when the cause is at the level of energy and spirit, and is overlooked or ignored in our culture.

It is a choice we have made at great cost to the Earth, and her natural environment, as well as to our own psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We are primarily focused upon the immediate needs and challenges of making money. We have left the Earth and the other life forms entirely out of the equation, leaving both us, and the Earth bereft of a relationship that nurtures and sustains us both.

Many years and lifetimes have passed into this separation experiment, most of us have let our communication and connection with the natural world and the other dimensions whither. When we can maintain this connection ourselves, it is because we know ourselves to be a part of the great whole.

As the world’s situation escalates into greater uncertainty around being able to ensure our basic needs for security, (food, water, shelter, healthcare, etc.), it is time now to look with 2020 vision, at how we live, at what we have created, and what we now wish to create for our future on Earth. Redirecting our energies, refocusing our sight and reclaiming our power and magnificence to live in peace and harmony, are within our grasp.

The greatest insurance we can have against re-empowering the old dysfunctional world is in rediscovering the knowledge of who We Truly Are.

Who Are We?

This entire world is simply Consciousness. It is appearing as different forms… as humanity, plants, animals and the cosmos, and as the space all the forms exist within and beyond.

Consciousness, that is limitless, eternal, never born, and unchanging, is behind and within, all form. It is the substrate and the substance of existence, and it is outside of time and space.

Science is challenged to accurately describe and know Consciousness, because science is within time and space and the dimensional world, while Consciousness is not only. Consciousness is not measurable because it is everywhere.

Vedanta, which is an ancient means of knowledge for understanding who we are as Consciousness says, that fire’s essence is heat and sugar’s essence is sweetness and our essence is Consciousness.

Consciousness is Who We Truly Are.

Consciousness is is behind… the utility of our senses, the interpretations of our mind, and the nerves that fire our muscles. If we distill down our senses and look at what is happening when we see, feel, taste, smell or hear, we always find Consciousness, it always ends in Consciousness.3.

Who are We? We are non-dual Consciousness.

  • In Sanskrit we are defined as Sat Chit Ananda, three words that mean we Existwe are Conscious, and we are Blissful (or happy). You can say “I Am Consciousness” or “Awareness” or “The Self”.
  • We are beings of Love existing within a field of Love. In Love nothing is lacking. Consciousness, as the ONE Self, is Love and Oneness. We are are blissful human beings when we know ourselves to be Consciousness: which is whole already.
  • Consciousness does not come from our body. When we see the world as Consciousness, and realize that we are that self-same Consciousness, we will realize our unbound free essence, and our bond with all and everything, including all other humans. Consciousness is free and limitless, and everfree of the body. Our body exists within Consciousness.
  • You could say there is only ONE of us here! The “I” that you say when you speak: “I am going now” is Consciousness. The word “I” is always Consciousness!
  • Consciousness, unbound and ever free, is animating all our bodies. Our bodies exist, yet they are actually inert, However convincing our physical solidity appears to us, if we look within our cells, to molecules, to atoms and to subatomic units, Scientists see mostly space and not matter. That space is akin to Consciousness.
  • We exist as Consciousness within Consciousness. The only thing you have ever known or felt is Consciousness!

What it Takes to be Free of the Human Predicament of the Belief in Separation:

The knowledge of our identity as Consciousness, empowers us to make different choices, because we will then understand with clarity, the basis and undeniability of our innate and integral union with each other.

  • In order to be free of the incorrect human identity as separate, and to step above the complex maze we find ourselves in as humans, we must understand the situation and who We Truly Are as Consciousness, and repeatedly learn to act from this knowledge of our unity and oneness and expanded identity.
  • We can choose again. Long ago we thought our identity was separate and decided to ‘go it alone’, and now we can choose to ‘go it together’.
  • If we were to view ourselves as one Consciousness, is it fathomable that any part of our one self would willingly hurt another part of that same self? Let’s hold ourselves accountable to Consciousness, to commit to an understanding of this identity situation. This is the rock-solid foundation upon which a new world may be built. Then who we are as Consciousness can create a world based in Love, justice and peace.
  • We are at a fork in the road. We can choose the road that creates the kind of world we want our children and grandchildren to inherit. Aligning to Love and no longer aligning to fear, is the choice that we each can and must make. From this choice, the future will be better.
  • Aligned with Love we cannot fail. When we are aligned, all the parts of ourselves are aiming in the same direction.

How will we make the change fast enough?

  • Understand our True identity as ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.
  • Learn fluidity of perspective. Develop our capacity to operate from Consciousness’ perspective, and return to that perspective when we find ourselves back in our separate human viewpoint.
  • Cultivate our capacity to Love based on our observations of Love’s joy and expansion. Not romantic love, but abiding Love, that overrides all barriers and expectations, connecting the heart and the mind.
  • Practice Love like you would scales on the piano, or runs for a marathoner, so that we can be Masters of Love and Unity. This comes naturally through the perspective of our self ideneity as Consciousness. Repeatedly choosing to shift our perspective, helps this new potential become a reality in form.
  • Commit to Love, and from this place our world will be transformed.

Our future on Earth depends on it!

This requires Letting Go of the Old & Re-focusing upon What We Want.

  • As humans, we each are living our perfect life for growth and attainment, leading us to the valuable knowledge of who we more truly are.
  • Karma is a perfect system: what we put forth in thought, word, deed or action, comes back to us. Karma Phalam is the “fruit” … the seen and unseen results of our past actions. (See my YouTube Karma Talk that explains this further.)
  • We each had a plan coming into this life, we planned events and lessons to assist our soul’s evolution. Our Prarabdha Karma brought us to this specific life, and once it is completed we drop the physical body and our subtle body leaves this dimensional Earth theatre. Remember: there is no actual death, Consciousness continues. Then, as we look out upon the chaotic situations of this world, holding this perspective helps us to find some equanimity in the face of extreme suffering and challenges.

The serenity prayer comes to mind…

Lord grant me the knowledge to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And the wisdom to know the difference. ~ Adapted from Reinhold Niebuhr

  • Our collective karma as a human species is what we are in the midst of now. As Jim Garrison said “Mother Earth is angry and has sent us to our rooms” to learn to honor and respect her!
  • Learn from life to accept what comes with grace. Learn to allow others to learn from their experiences as well. Learn when to help and when to let go. Allow others’ their challenges, and pitch in and help when it is ours to do so. Allowing all expressions, even those that seem unnecessary or different is part of this. The world has many people who may not be ready to learn that we are all One Consciousness. Allowing them to be as they are is part of this task.
  • We are here to create the new, not to fix the old. Choose win/win collaboration over competition, discernment not judgment, love over fear.
  • Let’s Awaken our senses to the energy, or the subtle invisible energy information around us. It is a skill that will help us to survive these transitional times, and be of greater service, as we pay attention to our inner guidance.
  • Fluidity of perspective, being flexible and fluid with our perspective will be our next mastery, taught to all in schools. Train ourselves to the perspective of Consciousness everywhere, and in everyone.
  • Earth can be a demanding school until we learn the rules 4. and realize that we are all interconnected, inter-influencing and interdependent.

We are Masters in need of awakening, revealing and training.

Let’s lift our sights to full expression as the pure Consciousness that we are. Let’s demonstrate what’s truly possible for us now, during this time on Earth.

  • If you knew you were Whole and Complete, you would be magnificent. As humans, we bemoan our situation, not realizing who we Truly Are, and what our identity as Consciousness will bring when we align with it.
  • Our work as humans is to heal ourselves from thinking we are separate from others… heal our broken identity. Our work as Consciousness is to create from our fullness.
  • From Consciousness’ perspective… forbearance, patience, loving and unconditional love are natural. Imagine being so sure of who we are and of who everyone else is, that we are able to keep our cool in the face of things that have previously triggered us to react, lash out, reject and judge? Let’s become Masters of our minds, emotions and our bodies.
  • The outer world is a reflection of the inner world within us all. We cannot remain the same, as we have been and expect the world to change.
  • In order to fulfill our Masterylet’s take the straight road, let’s stay on the highway to Love. Let’s move as a human family into this new world.
  • Know that the new world will form as we choose to work together, to collaborate, to fly with our masculine and feminine wings balanced and in harmony and aligned with Love. We will move forward into a new age of Light and Love, Justice and Peace.
  • The Golden Age is ours to inhabit, are we willing? Let’s commit to our alignment with Love and send fear packing. Being aligned to Love and knowing the wisdom of Who We Are, we are unstoppable.

In Summary: How can we make this shift in identity and alignment? 

  • The hard and fast knowledge of our Oneness as Consciousness brings us the clarity that is the foundation for making the necessary shift in our identity and our alignment to Love.

This can be achieved by listening to non-dual teachings. Two such examples are… studying Vedanta, or a teaching such as A Course in Miracles. These explain who and what we truly are, and give a greater perspective of who we are not. This knowledge, which is not a feeling or an experience, but a knowing, helps to relieve us of our human suffering.

  • By making a commitment to yourself to choose Love over fear. Life is not about being perfect, it is simply about making the choice to Love.
  • Through Practice, using whatever means that works for you, to center and ground yourself. Meditation and Mindfulness are excellent. There are many contemporary teachers who are offering systems for self-Mastery at this time, like Joe Dispenza, who brings his teachings and experience to many.

There are many methods to choose from. Choose one that has proven effective at setting people free, and in which the teacher personally embodies and lives the teaching. Make a choice and stay focused upon the goal.

  • Remember why we are shifting our identity and aligning with Love. Our world is demanding this of us. Our children and grandchildren need us to step up and create a world that we all want to live in. It begins with each of us making the choice to align with Love, which comes out of knowing who We Truly Are… Consciousness.

These decisions and committing to this work will decide the future of everything.


  1. Atmabodh, Swami Paramarthananda

    2Introduction to Vedanta, Swami Paramarthanananda

    3.The Direct Path: A User Guide, by Greg Goode

    4. Do no harm, and act for the greater good are the overriding rules of this world.

                      Freedom Mauran

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Come and learn who we Truly are, beyond the body

And beyond time and space.

Freedom Mauran’s illustrated talk is sourced from Vedanta.

It’s an ancient and effective means of knowledge for knowing who we truly are.

It helps us understand enlightenment and God,

and assists us to see through the challenges of life.

Sunday April 5th, 2-4 pm Eastern Time

It’s online in the ZOOM meeting forum -info below

The talk is about an hour and there will be time for questions.

You will want to watch it on a device to see the slides,

and a recording may be available afterwards. Technology permitting!


Topic: Who Am I… Really? Freedom Mauran Zoom Talk

Time: Apr 5, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada

Freedom Mauran is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Who Am I… Really? Freedom Mauran Zoom Talk
Time: Apr 5, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 348 218 124
Password: 075163

One tap mobile
+13126266799,,348218124# US (Chicago)
+19292056099,,348218124# US (New York)

Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
+1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
+1 253 215 8782 US
+1 301 715 8592 US
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 348 218 124
Find your local number:

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Create the New World With A List Of 100 Things

Dear One, in order to enact the purpose for which you have all arrived here onEarth, it requires of you a focus, that is clear and intentional.

With this in mind I request that your focus be upon the glorious and beautiful outcome of these trying times.

In order to focus upon the creation of a new world and reality, very specific awareness of each thought you create is valuable.

This means, to forgive yourself and the world for what is happening right now, that you find challenging, and see beyond it. Past its current manifestation to the future potential of this world.

Enliven your life in these days ahead by starting a list.                                                  A creative list for the future world you will enjoy.    The world as it might be, in an environment that is intentionally crafted by your thoughts.

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The Virus of Love

The Virus of Love.     A 3 minute 15 second video I spontaneously sat down to receive guidance on what is going on here in the world now.


I was inspired to do a “fireside chat” since the fire is so beautiful this morning.

People have been asking me what I have “gotten” from the higher realms around the issues at hand on this day in March of 2020, so I thought I would just tune in and see what comes.

Beloveds, thank you for your inquiry here on this day. There is a great opportunity here in the challenges of these times.

And what we of the higher realms would ask is that the vision for the future, be ingrained into concrete in the strongest way possible.

There are opportunities here to have our thoughts and our words and our actions funneled off into the realms of fear, vulnerability and discord.

And we would invite you to be ever present, ever stalwart, ever focused in your focus upon the beauty and the joy and the wonder of what is possible upon this earth.

So many light-workers are turning to the realization that Love is being like the virus, and the virus of love will spread far and wide as we share it. As we are socially promoting it, as we bring it into our ever interaction, our every thought, our every word, our every email, our every phone call.

And so, in order for us to create this new world that we would like to be living in, it asks of us to share the words of love, the thoughts of love, the energy of heart love, as we send forth from our hearts that, conscious, chosen, crafted love, we have the opportunity to bring more and more of it to this earth.

And as you well know, love is a healing force. Love is the grace and goodness that is the essence within us all, and as we bring it forth, as we join with it to change  this world that we see all around us, there are many wonderful opportunities that will occur. Thank you for asking on this day. 

May you be blessed, may your loved ones be blessed. 

And all is well!

Thank You.


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The Nectar Within 

Dear One,
In order to promote the sense of empowered presence that is the opportunity for a human, it requires an inner stillness that comes from steady abiding. Steady abiding means to be at one’s center and core, in how one is referencing life.
Like a plant that sends out rootlets to inquire for water, or a multi stemmed vine that searches for support, humans may be referencing the outer world for sustenance and support… or the inner world.
It makes great good sense to promote an inner focus, not only in times of trial, but in times of exuberant celebration as well. You see there is another way of looking at life that deserves mention.

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Yes, The Re-set Button Is Being Pushed

What will we choose to envision for when it all boots up again?
Greetings Dear One, it is now that the time is here,
to examine what the options are.
The options for the future of this planet,
not just for individual lives,
but for all that comes henceforth.
There are choices to be made.
We wish to offer some guidance along the lines of the future
and where it may be envisioned to go.
If you see the world as your place, your task,
your opportunity to make a difference,
then there is hope for it.

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Have A Seat!

Keeping my thoughts positive, productive, and loving has been a challenge recently. So, I tuned in received this…

 Dear One, In order to transcend physical reality, and the transient issues that change one reality to the next, constantly, and in order to maintain inner peace, there is a requirement of stillness. 

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