Jesus’ Easter Message 2018

Dear Ones, It is with great joy that I greet you on this blessed day. Our work upon this Earth is no different than in days and years past, and yet it has a different flavor in its way. You see these times upon this Earth are what all have been waiting for. These times are the times of pivotal and lasting change that will become the hallmark of your time, in that the whole of life will be oriented in a way counter to its focus in the past. In Truth, there is no work to be done in the outer world, as much as in the inner realms of your own most sacred and blessed Self. The human family is asked in these times to become the Self that is their True Self, the Self that knows itself to be divine, that is present to the realization that All Is One here. If this minute and monumental shift is made within each, the rest of the manifestation shall take care of itself easily, naturally and with great speed.

It is not that things are wrong, and that the human family has been misguided, it is that the energy and frequency of the Earth are now ready to accommodate this shift that those of you on the spiritual path have been readying yourself for. The time is now. The Earth is ready, like a dog crouching to jump across a stream of swiftly running water, the Earth has awaited this time, as have you, and it is now upon us to leap! Not in a way of fear and trepidation but in a way of celebration and joyful relief. We have made the journey to this time and place in human history and this is a great benefit to us all. For the Earth, our treasured hostess and source of physical life, is present to this shift and leading us upon the new road. The Earth is shaking and shifting, and cleansing and clearing, wiping clean and building up, and our job is to stay with her, to tend to each other and the work at hand, from the realization that she is like a ship amidst the vast ocean of this universe, and she is ours to tend to and Love, as we would a ship we rely upon in the middle of a vast ocean. Keep her ship shape, make sure she is well repaired and cared for, inspect her systems, to see they are operating well, and above all tend your mates upon the ship, your fellow travelers upon this journey of life upon Earth.

It has been said that “All is One”, and this is True. It will not be a sensed feeling unless the actions to fulfill its Truth are made manifest first. So you must act and then your heart and your soul and your willing hands will feel the tender kindness of that decision from the clarity of Unity. Upon Easter, and upon the brink of a new era upon this earth, there is only the task you find yourself tending to right now to concern yourself with. As the focus is upon the Unity of all life, and upon the brotherhood and sisterhood of manKIND, then the systems and great creative force that animates and empowers all life and all action will be the organizing power behind this great change. One vast centralizing government is not required in the halls of man, for there is the natural and innate power within all that is the conduit to this energy and opportunity of life. The first and most important step is to see the Self in the other and the other in yourSelf; Simple, powerful, and important for the human birthing to the new era being brought forth now upon this Earth and in our Solar System.

We thank you, and offer our great love and healing for those in difficulty, and say Namaste we ARE One. And so it is.                                                                       March 29, 2018

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Jesus’ Easter Message from 2012, Re-Posted

I was asked to repost this message from 2012, enjoy! Happy Easter. Hope

Dear One, You are so funny, imagining that I am more busy today. Being Easter. More people at attention to my name and energy perhaps, but no I am no more busy today than usual. It is an interesting thing that the life that is lived as Jesus is thus, no more is there a concern with earthly limitations, and busy is an earthly limitation. Time limitation creates busy. OR perceived time limitation creates busy-ness, as though what is being done is not reason enough for doing it, and that judgment demands that it be done quickly to get it over with and thus the busy ensues. Everything that is possible to do on planet earth has an inherent opportunity within it. Each pastime, endeavor and work is meant to be in its own way and wisdom flows from its doing. So in busy-ness there is an assumption that the next thing is more worthy than THIS thing and hence the out of time aspect of life ensues. IT is not meant to be like that on earth. Earth is a place for choice and awareness of options, but to be sacrificing what is occurring right now, for a better something that will happen afterwards, which is what being busy is about, is not worth the trip to human body… Not worth the sacrifice of time and energy, the payment is too high for such a plan to be enacted… so there is my response to your innocent human idea of what Jesus might experience on Easter. Namaste. We speak in great love and amusement for you and the whole idea. (twinkle in his eye).
May I ask a question, or do you wish to simply proceed as usual?
Ask away.
Easter, Good Friday, the rock, the resurrection, your true body of flesh vs your spiritual body that is inter dimensional… Please tell me the story that your human life experienced at the “end” of it.
My oh my, dear one, you surprise me, never before interested in such things, but here goes. My life as a human was paid for dearly as the embodied Christ. The God as self-expression held itself within my body system and thus I was no longer subject to the laws of human flesh, this transcendence of human fleshly and bodily laws came at great sacrifice in apparent suffering as the body of Jesus was hung on the cross. My focus was solely upon the God that I am in that entire event, which was a herculean effort, and thus enabled the transcendence of the human laws. The body that I am and was, was laid down in the cave and rested. Post event the body was resurrected and thus the arisen self, the self fully embodied as the Christ transcended beyond re-entry to human life body in the old sense, subject to the old laws, or the laws that humans now subject themselves to, these laws could no longer touch me, for my focus held so strongly upon the divine, the father, the grace the spirit transported me to the realms of transcendent human spiritual life and thus the different experience of life on Earth ensued. A life on Earth now occurs for me that is both earthly and inter dimensionally strategic. I am no longer limited by Earth’s laws as YOU know and experience them, I am now experiencing life in an inter-dimensional transcendent way. It is so much simpler this way, and so much more is possible. You see life as a human is filled with the choices of focus and effort, and ways to be, the life as I now know it is filled with only the God that I am and know you to be. So I see only one thing as I look from these eyes. I know you as God, I know all things as God and thus it is much simpler.
For you the practice is to cultivate seeing and being the God that you truly are. The God that all are. The holy sacred self exists all around you, and as you see this, recognize this, know this and live this you transcend the earthly limitations of the body that you now inhabit. IT is like a golden staircase that you must travel. No one can do it for you, you must do it yourself. Of your own vision and will it is possible. It is available to all people of all faiths and ways, and is not simply the way and road to salvation it is what was envisioned for Man upon Earth from the start. And so the chance to return there, as I have done, is the message and work of my life. And so it is. I’ve left the light on… awaiting your arrival! Namaste we are ONE. And so it is.
I do these early in the morning, and today I lay back down and was thinking of Easter and the inherent energy of this day and the opportunity of the energy of this day, and I thought to ask…
Jesus what is the promise of the day Easter?
The promise of the day Easter, is the promise of each and every day, that the arisen Christ within you is manifest in form and function in your life. IT is that the world as you have known it, the world that has grasped you, and held you captive in so many ways, by your own focus and ideas of limitation and your definition of reality, these things have held you in ways that have hurt and harmed, and been the cause of much suffering, and what Easter holds for you and so many others is the chance to look beyond the physical “reality” to the potential created reality of heaven on Earth: the human opportunity to transcend the physical realm AS YOU KNOW AND EXPERIENCE it. In transcending what is meant is that your body is different as your focus becomes singular to God alone. As ALL THINGS in your sight become the GOD that you are and know, then the new world awakens within your cells, your sight: your reality is different. Your wisdom is Christ or God’s wisdom, and your thought is God’s thought. You needn’t be subject to your little self’s ideas or thoughts in the same way, and thus the day of Easter and the life of a Christ exhibit certain qualities that are available to all every day, but perhaps are a unified focus upon this day of Easter. So the invitation to see all , and know all as yourself, as the all-potent powerful present and manifest God self that you are, this is Easter’s gift and message. Rebirth to the new (yet truly old) reality of the Christ alive as you on Earth. Namaste we are one and so it is. I await YOUR presence here with me, and the celebration is NOW.

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A Valentine From The Self

I wonder what the One SELF That We All Are might say in a Valentine to us?

It could be kind of hard actually, The Self and us all being already united as one,

there is no longing, no pining or divorce, because we, the Self are Love itself!

But just for the sake of duality, and playing the game of this magnificent projection

here is a message that our OneSelf might write to us on Valentine’s day… so here goes.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

you are in me and I am in you.

As One, we are bound for now and forever

There is no greater Union or tighter tether!

The Earth is our ship as we sail across time,

A delight and a joy as you remember you are Mine.

 Think of me as you walk,  think of me as you talk,

And especially remember my Love when you balk!

A wandering eye is not possible here

for I Am all you can see or can hear.

Be mine in the challenge as well as the sweet

and know that It, You and I are alway and ever complete.

For Awareness, Consciousness, the Self  there is no such thing as far

so open those chocolates, LOVE is who we are!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Dear One,

Beholding the unity of all things is a great blessing.

Choosing to see only that fine thread of the origin and Source in all beings,

all creatures, and all material substance is what heals and what frees.

If you find yourself caught up in the world of change, of contrast

and of discordancy within it ~

look for that which animates and makes it all possible.

The beggar becomes a king, the smallest things become

beautiful and precious, and all that lies before you is made holy.

All it requires is your choice to see as you are seen ~

with Love and Unity as your only desire.

For you will see what you look for and the Kingdom of God, of Source…

is all One, never truly divided ~ only apparently so!

That is all.

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The Substance Of Love

Love is the glue and mortar of Life. It holds and fills, binds and connects the Life that we are as the Source Of All. It is not something that comes and goes, it is steady and solid. If we notice this, there is an opportunity that is otherwise lost. It is the opportunity to align with Love and formulate a world that is in peaceful acknowledgement of its foundation in Love.

We offer a system to make this possible, so that you might cultivate the capacity to know this Love. By feeling around for Love within, one may feel the Heart is its source. Most things of this physical world seem to have a limitation in quantity, but of Love there is an endless supply, drawing ever from within its Divine Source in the Heart. Love need not be measured or parceled out stingily, there is no limit to its quantity. It is like a geyser, with an unending capacity to pour forth. Continue reading

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Thanks-giving, Gratitude, Gr-atitude, Great-attitude or perhaps God’s-Real-Attitude.

What do we actually appreciate when we give Thanks at this time of year?

We honor the Earth for her bounty, the harvest that feeds and clothes us.

We honor our friends and family for their presence and enrichment of our lives.

We honor the world that we live within, the greater human family, the neighborhood,          the town, the state, the country, or the communal structure that we live as a part of.

We Thank God or the Creator or the Self That We All Are. The True Source of all.

We may stop there,  but there is one more step to take for True Gratitude and Thanks-giving. It is the remembrance that there is only One of us that sits at the table. Continue reading

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What Is Liberty?

As I walked past my painting of the Statue of Liberty in my studio, I was struck with the question : What is Liberty?

Liberty is  many things including freedom. Freedom to do and be what we wish. There are different levels of freedom, sourced from different levels or frequencies of life. Understanding what they are helps us to uncover a deeper Truth.  The Unshakable Truth that True freedom and True Liberty that are built upon. Continue reading

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7. The Eagle’s Flight, Fortitude and Flexibility In Remembrance

86. Dear One, this time is rich with opportunities to forgive and move beyond the limitations of how we think and act and live. It means for example that the upliftment of our life comes as we find different ways to think and look upon the actions of those around us and upon what occurs on Earth. In lifting our sight to Healing and Oneness, always and only, as The Self That We All Are And Have Always Been, our sense of limitation no longer binds us. Continue reading

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6. The Eagle’s Flight, We Are The Hurricanes

72. Dear One, If you see this as a transmission of our world to yours it is a missive of separation. if you see this as a narrative of what is True in the one and only Reality, it is a missive of union, a map Home. We wish for it to be not divisive but a unifying transmission.

73. Remembering our identity of “The Self That We All Are”, let’s see with Manifestation’s perspective; imagine seeing this world as our own perfect creation. The laws in action are consistent, reliable… objective. They operative with equality. We could even say they operate with Love. They are whole and complete, creating a world that reflects that wholeness and completion.

74. Standing aligned with the human race, and as “The Self That We All Are And Have Always Been” requires some attunement with the higher perspective of one who sees more than what meets the eye.  Seeing what occurs and knowing its Perfection is an important challenge.  Without the capacity to see through what occurs on Earth, we are prisoners.

75. We are prisoners when our joy, happiness, creativity, worthiness, and health are at the mercy of the physical world. In Truth we are never bound, we are The Self. Remembering this is all it takes to free ourselves. Remembering this empowers us to Love ourselves and the world. Continue reading

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5. The Eagle’s Flight, Being Done

64. We are blessed, uplifted and harmonized within a great system of life that we are unaware of unless we inquire into it. Apparently we live an individual life yet there is no such thing. All Life is a matrix of uncountable beings, life and substance that is held in perfect union, by perfect laws in the creation that assist the flow and continuum of the One Life. I read this to myself during English class @ my son’s Parent’s Weekend at school. and it completely shifted me from seeing separation, to seeing the common thread of life and identity in everyone in the room.

Continue reading

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