Thanks-giving, Gratitude, Gr-atitude, Great-attitude or perhaps God’s-Real-Attitude.

What do we actually appreciate when we give Thanks at this time of year?

We honor the Earth for her bounty, the harvest that feeds and clothes us.

We honor our friends and family for their presence and enrichment of our lives.

We honor the world that we live within, the greater human family, the neighborhood,          the town, the state, the country, or the communal structure that we live as a part of.

We Thank God or the Creator or the Self That We All Are. The True Source of all.

We may stop there,  but there is one more step to take for True Gratitude and Thanks-giving. It is the remembrance that there is only One of us that sits at the table.

Everything that we are, all those who join us in celebration, everything that we are thankful for, is in fact, the Non-Dual Self in disguise.

God… The Self… Consciousness… Awareness… Gratitude… whatever we may call it, it is not outside of us, it is within and around and about… creating the field of Divine Order and Love, that we are giving Thanks for.

The Truth is that whatever we are thankful for in our mind and heart, they are simply placeholders for the Self… Consciousness… Awareness… God. The sweet potatoes, the flowers on the table… and even Uncle Frank are all the Self.

Nothing can ever change that or take it away, because it is ALL THERE IS. In bringing gratitude to the Self that we all Are to the table at Thanksgiving we deepen our relationship with those who join us in Thanks-giving.

The Self is who we Thank. The Self is who we Are. And in giving Thanks to the Self behind it all we give Thanks where Thanks is actually due.

May your day be filled with friends and family and good food and warm hearts.

Happy Thanks-giving!

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