Thanksgiving For The Presence Within

It’s easy to ignore the source and support of our lives… the Cause, that which makes us alive.

Ever forward and outward we focus, always in “what’s next?” readiness. We move toward our desires, deal with our tasks, negotiate around our difficulties.

There is more to life than endlessly dealing with the 5 senses and their daily non stop harvests of information.

Look inward for a moment or two, stop the outer focus. Take a breath, relax, let out a sigh. Close your eyes and stop the momentum of thoughts and actions.

Sometimes even sitting still, we are internally running at full speed!

Stop for just a moment and notice.

You aren’t alone.

You are being held by Life itself. Sit with Life and realize what this means. You are held, you aren’t alone. I asked Jesus to please speak of the Supporting Presence within…

Oh Beloveds, I am so grateful to speak on this topic, that so many find ignorance of. It is not a mystery, it is the very essence of who you are. Your source, my source are the same, they are not different. It is only upon this realization and tangible experience in the reflective waking state, that trust for life is possible. We learn to trust life when this “part” of ourselves is made evident to us. In truth, it is in all of us and in all of this world, and yet we easily ignore it …caught up in our thoughts, senses, words…. the world.

So I invite examination of what holds you, what supports you, in fact… what is you… As the source and essence of life. You needn’t meditate and reach a high state for this awareness, it is here in every moment, just overwhelmed by all the external clutter and inputs of daily life.

I love to speak on this, for it, not you, is the source and support of your life. It is steady, ever present, unwavering. Enjoy its presence. Honor it, thank it. Investigate it.

It is not just yours, it is in all things and all people. Ask your friends about it too!

Understanding its consistent, pervasive and supportive nature, is like discovering there’s a back to the chair you’ve been perching on.

Enjoy being held. Realize you aren’t alone, and be grateful for the essence that you are is also precious, whole and complete. It needs nothing, goes nowhere, and loves all equally. And so you might consider surrender to your presence. It is the essence of life, and it is within you.

Surrender doesn’t mean “you take the wheel” but surrender in the sense of “resting within it”, be in the world while conscious its presence within.

It makes a world of difference!

All is One may you be blessed.


Happy Thanksgiving Every-One!



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