The Hidden Door To Love

Lately it seems like life is going faster than ever before. With so many things calling for attention in my life and in the world, it often feels like too much is happening.

Since the eclipse on August 21st I have noticed that something different is now available that I wanted to share with you. The actual feeling of being overwhelmed, or of too much coming at me at once, is now a trigger for me to find the hidden door to Love. I am a visual person and so I have used an image to help me see the love behind everything. 

Have you ever seen one of those secret doors that cover an entire wall or panel? They are often in mystery novels, where they pivot on two pins in the center to swing completely around, and what was there disappears, revealing what was on the back side of the wall or panel. The pivoting door image is one that I have been using in order to shift into love.

Love is hidden behind everything, always, and all it takes to appear is for me to look for it. Somehow Love is now easier to access, have you found that too? Love is literally the non-dual glue, behind and within everything. I find Life is easier to enjoy and less stressful when I can find the hidden door to Love.

Do you have some ways of finding the door to Love that you could share?


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