The Masquerade

Dear One, As you know it is only  “I” that you and I are, and yet we play this charade of separation that fools us all most of the time.

If you look upon this world, the one you sit in, it would seem to be a separate place, with separate beings and entities. If this is so, then what is the truth of non-duality and what is the truth of Oneness?

It is not a false hope that there is One, there is ONE. Only, Always, and Forever. And in this knowing, there is so much that is gained and so little that is lost!

The gains are your peace of mind, your equanimity, your sense of security and your playfulness, are stabilized and not transient.

And what is lost? Well that is easy, your fear, your separation from others, your wonderment at the cause and mysteries of life.

You are the One, My Dears! It is such a celebration upon your return to knowing this! Do not be afraid, do not be lost in illusions of separation on and on, in life after life filled with anxiousness, fury, separation, loss and grief.

You are magnificent, you are Whole, you have never lacked, ever.

Oh certainly you have felt lack. And the knowledge that this lack is impossible, (as the One Whole Self) erases such bondage to life, and its rules of separation that have captured you all so.

Allow the Love and Grace of your True Self, the “I” that we all are, to see and be and then know your true face. The masquerade is worn and tired, the healing Truth is upon us…. within us!

Not for the individual, for the One, for the Whole.

The individual isn’t. There is no such adjunct to the One, to I, to the Self. There is only the apparent illusion of such a thing.

That which creates the individual, that which enlivens it, that which speaks behind the speech, is the I. The I is the only. Not like some evil being in your manufactured realities of the movie theater but the most great, magnificent, loving I, that has no other, has nothing to compare to. The I is All, in which time exists not.

This I is who you are.

In order for this knowledge to be stable within you the individual, and thus stable in your relief from separation’s suffering, you must find a way to anchor your knowing, strongly, securely, so that it is undeniable, unshakable and un-removable.

As this work is done, through the spiritual emissaries that walk this world, through Vedanta,  through A Course In Miracles, through the many other texts that elucidate this Non-dual Truth, peace will be possible upon this Earth.

Engaged as Self within Earth’s playground with “others”, the world is newly begun.

As we walk together in this land of new understanding of Self-hood, we have the opportunity for renewal and growth beyond our current reality; suffering is of the body, and not Who We Are.

We become not only a means of freedom from such illusions for our self,  we are also that for other humans who are caught in the misunderstanding of who they are and what this is in Truth.

Understanding is everything.

It is not experience you need. This avenue has caught many a seeker in the back waters of human deception. It is only and ever the knowledge of our True Self that frees us.

Experience is transient and not the real thing, merely a reflection that feels embracing and clear. Spiritual experience feeds the body with delight and security and love, all those things that seem desirable and elusive, and yet experience is transient, it ends. Always it ends. Experience is not the answer to end your suffering. Knowledge is.

And this is for a very good reason. This is because of Who We Are. We are the I AM. I Am everywhere, in everything, and thus there is no way to see or be seen, experience or be experienced. There is only I, the Self.  The I, the Self, the ONLY.

And thus “I Am” fulfills the statement of Truth. For there are no words to qualify those two small words that will bring them to more or greater Truth or to more or greater clarity. More words would just limit unwittingly.

This remembrance (I AM) is knowledge. Seek the knowledge, cultivate the wisdom to see through the illusion of separation and allow the grace and goodness of the Self to be your friend and loving companion and not your enemy in a fearful costume of separation.

You are, I  AM. We are One, And So It Is!

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