The Nectar Within 

Dear One,
In order to promote the sense of empowered presence that is the opportunity for a human, it requires an inner stillness that comes from steady abiding. Steady abiding means to be at one’s center and core, in how one is referencing life.
Like a plant that sends out rootlets to inquire for water, or a multi stemmed vine that searches for support, humans may be referencing the outer world for sustenance and support… or the inner world.
It makes great good sense to promote an inner focus, not only in times of trial, but in times of exuberant celebration as well. You see there is another way of looking at life that deserves mention.

Life is a sensory experience for the human. In response to sensations, the organism responds to life, moving in this direction or that one. As we develop this idea for you, we would hope to instill in you the value of becoming aware of where the referencing focus is as you move or act.
You see, in order to truly conform to the outer world’s demands, the inner world must be a balanced part of it, because the outer world is a function of the inner.
You may believe that the outer world is independent of the inner, but it is not so.  What occurs within your being, affects what occurs in the outer world.  For example, you may engage in a conversation with another, and be in an inner state of calm inquiry, or in a state of worry and burden. Although the outer look of things will remain the same, the resultant conversation will be quite different. I wish for you to realize this, and imagine its effects on a grander scale.  Multiply this by so many people, that you cannot count them anymore, and there is an effect at the collective level.
We are here now realizing the effects of such a thing. 
Your opportunity in having the pause button pressed on your activities, is that you may slow down a bit, reconfigure your referencing direction, and allow a bit of rest to occur. Stress and rush are not useful when the creation of something new and important is to be done.
Humanity is creating now and will create always. What we create as a family, requires and an inner referencing and an inner quiet at this time, and that will serve the whole future of the human society.
Living together in one flat may be challenging now as quiet time is perhaps at a premium.  That is ok.  Make the habit of referencing inwardly, a skill that is possible no matter what is going on around you.
This means to be able to filter out what is unnecessary to the focus inward. Not to resist or criticize, but to filter and absorb from within.  Certainly, it is easier with quiet and calm around you. Perhaps early morning or late evening would serve this. Allowing whatever is, to be, and yet still focusing inwardly.
And so, what exactly is it, that is available inwardly? What is the nectar of equanimity and strength that is available from within? It is love. It is peace, it is tranquility, it is home.
All humans have a steady abiding within them, a place where their true source of strength comes from. This is the actual source and origin of the life that each being expresses.
There is no uniqueness to each of us at this level, we are completely generic on this front. Our entire human system is made up of the same energetic material that all other humans are scribed from.  And so, we invite your allowing of this generic source and origin to be accessed consciously.  Allow the inner world to be the reference.
Some questions might help you find this access point.
How am I feeling right now?  What does it actually feel like to feel this way?  Tingling? Burning? Irritated? Warm?  Prickly? Whatever it is, just look at it, and as you examine it, go underneath it, borough behind it, find its source.
Find the burning coals of its existence.  Why is it here? This will help diffuse reactivity and discord as you practice it regularly.  It will develop self-awareness and inner strength as well.
And so, in order to move from an outer focus to an inner one, there is a need to be quiet, ideally in an environment of support for this, or if not in a quiet place, allow the outer inputs of sounds, movement and energy, to be part of the background for your inner focus and stillness.  That is all.
We wish you well. In harmony and love.
Namaste.  We are One, and so it is.
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