The Substance Of Love

Love is the glue and mortar of Life. It holds and fills, binds and connects the Life that we are as the Source Of All. It is not something that comes and goes, it is steady and solid. If we notice this, there is an opportunity that is otherwise lost. It is the opportunity to align with Love and formulate a world that is in peaceful acknowledgement of its foundation in Love.

We offer a system to make this possible, so that you might cultivate the capacity to know this Love. By feeling around for Love within, one may feel the Heart is its source. Most things of this physical world seem to have a limitation in quantity, but of Love there is an endless supply, drawing ever from within its Divine Source in the Heart. Love need not be measured or parceled out stingily, there is no limit to its quantity. It is like a geyser, with an unending capacity to pour forth.

The substance of Love is way more precious than gold because it heals, connects, expands and fulfills. It’s ironic and devastating that we looking outside ourselves for Love when each of us is the very fountain of Love. Untapped, unnoticed and forgotten, our capacity to Love is like a bubbling spring that has been trampled and dispersed underfoot. If we are anything… be it human, spirit, divine, or All That Is…  we are Love.

Love may be shared without any loss of potency or impact. It is a frequency, that can be seen and felt by those around us. A friend of mine, was once in such a state of Love in the checkout line at the grocery store, that the the clerk and the person behind him in line both began to cry. No words were spoken. Love has the power to heal us of our core wound of separation.

Love’s nature is expansion, it connects us and fills us while too being something that may be packaged and sent. When we Love, we are changed, and it feels good.

When we are passive we judge, so pro-actively we must choose LoveThe heart as generator, conduit, organizer of Love has been weakened, overpowered by the head’s busy-ness, it has forgotten its role as the hose nozzle for Love. In choosing Love we naturally lean in, like the gentle pressure we put on the valve of a hose nozzle that sends forth a spray of water. When we realize there is this rich payload of Love within us, we become  miners for it, and seekers of places to give it, send it, and share it. It’s nature is expansion, and its frequency demands no action. When we have nothing to give, we have Love.

How Do We Find It? How Can We Tend It? Take time to shut off the outside noise, literally… turn off the radio, turn off the TV and turn off your phone. And then gently quiet the inside noise… in meditation, a walk in nature, or just sit still wherever you are and do nothing. We are like buckets of muddy water with our lives of constant action. We have to get out of the way of Love, we have to let the mud settle in our bucket to reveal the clear water of Love. Our Love reveals itself  if we look for it and make time for it. Love’s Grace is ours to choose, and in so choosing life is changed.

We are not children anymore, we need not cry for Love lost. Love is within us. Love is who we are. When we feel closed off from Love we may choose the task of removing those thoughts, and ideas and judgements that, like a rock wall, block Love from our sights. In so doing, the world becomes lighter our burdens become weightless.

The substance of Love is revealed when we actively start looking for it. Cultivate an eye for Love and all of a sudden it’s everywhere. It has always been there, hidden in plain sight, but now we know it is there and make the choice to see it, reveal it, feel it and expand its reach.

Be a Love Builder. Like a bodybuilder through repetition, forms the body, be a Love builder and strengthen Love’s capacity to touch others. Here are some Love exercises:

  •      1) Take out your cellphone and send Love to the contacts listed under “A” today   (and B tomorrow).  Include the people, the restaurants and the businesses… they all share the same spark of Love that you send them. Notice how your grudges and judgements dissolve with the choice you make to Love.  The choice to Love is transformative for you, and those to whom you send it.
  •      2) When reading the paper, send Love to everyone and everything pictured. Yes every One!  Each and every one of us is worthy of, and touched by Love. And those in the paper may need it more than most!
  •      3) This is one of my favorites, when you are in a crowd, at a meeting, or at a party send a silent Love greeting to each and every one there. When you look intentionally with Love, it’s amazing how everyone becomes precious and beautiful.

Once I was walking out of the subway in New York city, excited and eager for the day, and everyone pouring down the stairs towards me was transformed into the most sacred, beautiful, and precious being. I  think maybe that I was engulfed by the Love that is always around us and my resistance to hold it apart was dropped in those moments. It was a moment of Grace and it didn’t last, but it has stayed with me, as a reminder that there is only Love beneath and within us all.

Love is a substance, an unlimited resource within us. I am sending you Love right now, pass it on.

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