The Traffic Laws of Money

Dear One, Good Morning! We thank you for joining us. Now on this day, we wish to share some good news…
Often in the annals of time there are beneficial times, where the movement of humanity is very much toward a more dense frequency, and there are times where humanity moves upward, forward, towards the lighter frequencies. On this day, there is much potential and opportunity that exists for movement out of the density and frequency of human thought patterns into the frequency of light. How is this possible? Well there is an infusion of light that is occurring as we speak, and this light is a substance if you will, that not only offers an upgrade of energy and focused intent towards resolution and transcendence, it is also a frequency where the world is enhanced and uplifted by its presence… so this is good news that we wanted to share, and hope that you can get a sense of what it is that we speak about. So perhaps there is a topic you would like to speak about?
Hope: The topic most current is abundance, the movement of money as energy and the human ways that limit or expand its energy and presence in a life.

Beings of Light: We thank you for this question because there is much on this topic that strikes to the very heart of human experience and shortsighted interactions… the unity of all things includes money. There is no thing outside of the unity of all. Money is thought of as something unto itself, like a judge or an arbiter of life, that determines the “yea” and “nays” and adds them all up and decides “you have this much, and you have this much”. It is funny, there are so many ways that humans make sense of this reality of differing levels of abundance. So many opportunities to explain away what is actually a very simple relationship and correlation! Humanity loves to make things into great dramas, and this aspect of money, needing it, wanting it, spending it, having it, showing it off, giving it away, .. they all create as they are done… So the laws that exist for all things exist for money… Money is the arbiter of Truth in the world you live in, if you have money, in your society, you have some use for Truth, and its practice. If you have money you tend to think happier thoughts, more generous thoughts, this is actually an aspect that must be considered, first, if you wish for money you must think these thoughts.

If you wish for abundance you must be abundant, to live without the limitations of linear thought is a leap and a difficulty for so many. So with this in mind, let’s give you some ideas around money. The money you earn has no real relationship with the work you do. The money is simply an arbiter of the Truth, an understanding of what the laws are that create.. They hold onto the world in a funny way , these laws, they do not always work in the way that seems appropriate, but they are laws nonetheless. So the law of abundance is primarily he who thinks so receives. He who holds love out to money, attracts money- love alone without its attendant fears and jealousies. So now you have it the real cause of inequality in money in the world. You could take all the money, distribute it evenly to every man woman and child and in a few years the same situation would be on earth, some would have most and the rest would have less. Because of the awareness of the thought action upon the energy and substance of money.
How does this relate to humanity’s movement forward? All people must come to awareness of laws of creation and love. This means they come via suffering and inhumane ways that are not “pleasant” or they come via the ways of life that are only about love, abundance, opportunity, optimism, living in harmony with all, and knowledge that what I need comes. So the choice is always with you, which route will you take, in your language: route 95 or route 128? Which road, which way, which experience, and how well will you interpret it and use it to understand the movement of energy and money in your life?

Hope– So please help someone right now who needs money: who’s house is endangered, who’s life is difficult and who can’t find a job that pays enough to meet their expenses.?
Beings of Light: This is an easy one! Don’t think about money at all. Think only about the times you have had fun and have loved and felt free and in harmony with life, this is like a hose for energy- it cleans it out and starts it to move. So with that simple suggestion, life will flow more easily and as your intention and action held in love and knowing the unity of all things sinks into the neurology and the ways of the human, many things will change and the world will form to the human’s needs and wants. So that is all- offer it to others in this way :
Humanity loves to have money to spend, share and hold. In the same way that humans gain weight,,, they think of the yummy things they love, and focus upon having them experiencing them and their thoughts are of loving them… Your favorite food, feel about money the way you feel about your favorite meal! Relish it, feel good in thinking about it, know that it will be a good thing in your experience, and act like that experience is yours whenever you wish. Don’t feel remorseful for having it spending it or getting it. Just think on it in the way of one who knows and loves the experience of it in your life.
Hope: What action must accompany this transformed idea and thought of money?
Beings of Light: Money comes through different systems directly, so there is direct money and there is floating money or found money. Know that both of these kinds exist. If you only believe it is possible to have the earned kind, then what does that do to your possibilities? You will hold yourself available only to the possible conduits for money you believe in. If you know that money IS, and how it comes is mysterious and penetrating , then more chances to create it in that way occur for you. An inheritance, a lottery, a check to refund something in the mail, an accounting error in your favor,  or a generous friend.   One who passes you the gift of abundance in thought, word and deed is one who KNOWS of the laws that money flows where it is comfortable, welcome, loved, feted, appreciated and made to feel ebulent and joyful …

Make Money Feel At Home

It is like many things, imagine it as a person and create the environment it would like to be in. Simple as that. Creation in this way  works for relationships, and jobs,  children, and schooling and harmonious life, create the environment that supports what it is that you want and eludes you, and see how it changes in your experience.
So that is enough today perhaps this will assist someone to find the gifts that they think are elusive, but in truth are just following the traffic laws of money!
Namaste we are One. And so it is.
February 10, 2012- Hope Ives Mauran

Read about  a friend’s experience using this method… in the blog post “A True Story: Abundance Flows”

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4 Responses to The Traffic Laws of Money

  1. ariel says:

    Dear Hope..
    Thank you for your light work in the world! We can use all the priming we can get to open up to the Universal goodness and opulence that is there for us! In Oneness.. ariel

    • hope says:

      Dear Ariel, Yes, Thank you. In re-reading the post, it the message can be a bit harsh, but my hope is that it awakens an awareness of the laws of energy that rule our lives, that originate within ourselves. I like how you said it “Universal Goodness and Opulence”, is so true, and so ready to come into our experience when we align with the unity of all things and become aware of the laws that the One moves by! In Oneness… Yes! Hope

  2. Nicholas Williams says:

    Thank you this message came at just the right time for me to use. I appreciate my daily abundance, and I also appreciate your work. I surround you in abundance

    • hope says:

      Thank You Nicholas, I am so glad you find value in this offering- and am grateful for the abundance from you and all-that-is! Namaste-Hope

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