The Value Of Your Human Life

Dear One, It is common to hear people bemoan the fact that they are alive, I would like to share a picture of the value of your human birth. Imagine sitting amongst a throng of people, as far as the eye can see, people all sitting and waiting. They are in the thousands, which accumulate unto millions and more. They are all waiting a human birth.

Why? Because human birth is a precious and rare opportunity to become something that is un-attainable from other realities and levels of existence. Unattainable due to the fact that the Earth and the human family live in a shielded duality, a world where there is no understanding or knowledge of the Truth of Unity, and thus the challenge to awaken here is much, much greater. You see many levels of existence have partial shielding or partial remembrance, the Earth is fully shielded, the darkest and thickest of the veils, that like a curtain on a stage, prevents the actors from seeing the audience and vice versa. If you were to liken this to another scene it would be like attempting to know what is on land when you are a fish in the sea.

So this immersion into the duality that is Earth in a human body is not for the faint of heart. It is for those with the courage to fulfill their mission and to soldier on in the face of seemingly impossible odds of success. That is why so many humans have been captured here for lifetime after lifetime, because when in the body they forget, and lose sight of what lies hidden everywhere in plain sight.

You see what the true nature of this reality is… is ONE. There is no separation.

Certainly there are different forms and named things, yet they are all of the same source and eternal divine substrate. The “I” that animates each and everyone is the One Same Consciousness, untouched and untouchable, it is the reason and cause for all life.

And so where does this leave one who is lost in confusion and wishing to surrender the lifetime that the human lives here and now? It leaves one with the realization that there IS more here than meets the eye, there is an opportunity here that transcends all others. There is deep success in remaining here to complete the task.

You know the feeling of victory over a great task or project, a race finished against all odds? This deep satisfaction is an energy that feeds one’s capacity to continue on.

To what end is this human incarnation destined for?

To the end of realization of Oneness, of the Unity of all things and all beings. This clarity in the identity of Oneself and all others, is what this lifetime of challenge and striving is for. It is not to have difficulty for difficulty’s sake, it is to challenge and probe and prod us all into remembrance of our Oneness.

It’s a bit like that moment when you decide to laugh instead of get angry.

That is the opportunity that awaits the human family in their deepest dark hours. To see through and beyond and within the situation as it presents itself, to the precious nugget of Divine Light within it all… that is the choice, that is the challenge, that is the opportunity that human birth presents.

Now is a time of great challenge as so much is rising to the surface, and asking for healing~ perhaps in its most belligerent way, but it is all a quest for healing the rift we all feel between ourselves and our Source and ourselves and each other.

If this were to find a graceful conclusion it would be in surrendering to the realization that there is only ONE of us here on this earth, and we each are a piece and part of the Whole. Now and forever this is the challenge here on earth, and this lifetime is our precious opportunity to remember it, over and over and over until we have seen the miracles that come of this remembrance so clearly and so consistently that all of our doubts are removed.

So join me in saying to this moment that rises up in front of me, where I might choose fear or retaliation and let me have the strength to choose love instead, for whatever I do or say or think about another, I am doing to myself. And this Dear One is the grace of your human life, to be able to share yourself with others, when there is such a thick masquerade and disguise in place that not everyone is aware of this situation.

All that is asked is that YOU be aware, and live your life from this realization from this day forward. Whatever has happened in the past matters not. The opportunity is right here and right now, to choose to Love.

In loving you fulfill your human potential, in loving your free yourself from the bondage that has held humans for far too long.

Thank you O Precious One for joining me here in Love, for this is where you belong, this Is your True Home.

Namaste we are One, and so it is.

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