The Virus of Love

The Virus of Love.     A 3 minute 15 second video I spontaneously sat down to receive guidance on what is going on here in the world now.


I was inspired to do a “fireside chat” since the fire is so beautiful this morning.

People have been asking me what I have “gotten” from the higher realms around the issues at hand on this day in March of 2020, so I thought I would just tune in and see what comes.

Beloveds, thank you for your inquiry here on this day. There is a great opportunity here in the challenges of these times.

And what we of the higher realms would ask is that the vision for the future, be ingrained into concrete in the strongest way possible.

There are opportunities here to have our thoughts and our words and our actions funneled off into the realms of fear, vulnerability and discord.

And we would invite you to be ever present, ever stalwart, ever focused in your focus upon the beauty and the joy and the wonder of what is possible upon this earth.

So many light-workers are turning to the realization that Love is being like the virus, and the virus of love will spread far and wide as we share it. As we are socially promoting it, as we bring it into our ever interaction, our every thought, our every word, our every email, our every phone call.

And so, in order for us to create this new world that we would like to be living in, it asks of us to share the words of love, the thoughts of love, the energy of heart love, as we send forth from our hearts that, conscious, chosen, crafted love, we have the opportunity to bring more and more of it to this earth.

And as you well know, love is a healing force. Love is the grace and goodness that is the essence within us all, and as we bring it forth, as we join with it to change  this world that we see all around us, there are many wonderful opportunities that will occur. Thank you for asking on this day. 

May you be blessed, may your loved ones be blessed. 

And all is well!

Thank You.


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