What Is Liberty?

As I walked past my painting of the Statue of Liberty in my studio, I was struck with the question : What is Liberty?

Liberty is  many things including freedom. Freedom to do and be what we wish. There are different levels of freedom, sourced from different levels or frequencies of life. Understanding what they are helps us to uncover a deeper Truth.  The Unshakable Truth that True freedom and True Liberty that are built upon.

I love Vedanta because it has explanations for all the details of life. Its wisdom says that all human endeavors fall under just four categories:                                                         Security,      Pleasure,        Virtue      &        Freedom.

In fact, Vedanta observes that humans actually do everything for Freedom. This quest for freedom is disguised within all the other actions done for security, pleasure and virtue.

We work for security to sustain our lives so we are free from insecurity.

We do things that give us pleasure to free ourselves from displeasure, boredom and hopelessness.

We do virtuous acts to free ourselves from a sense of unworthiness in a world that seems chaotic and unfair.

Once we have attained security, pleasure and virtue, we next seek freedom.. we seek to free ourselves of limitation. We desire Freedom from anything that keeps us bound.

But what actually is freedom? How is its power so potent that we do absolutely everything in its quest? If freedom is hidden beneath our quest for security, pleasure, virtue, and freedom itself, what is the power that is calling us that is hidden within these disguises?

What is underneath it all that is so powerful that we would even surrender our precious lives for it?

“Give me liberty or give me death.” ~ Patrick Henry.

“Live Free or Die” ~ New Hampshire’s license plate motto

Beneath that quest for freedom, hidden within all our actions, we simply seek freedom because it is our natural state. In Truth, we are always and forever free. Nothing binds us, we are limitless. The “we” that I refer to is our True Self, the One that has True Freedom and lasting Liberty, because it is not the body,. It is the All That Is

In order to live within and experience this Liberty, we as individuals must see through the separation that this world presents.  Unfortunately, there is no way we can discover this level of Liberty, this quality of Freedom when we are looking through the eyes of separation. It just isn’t possible. No matter what we can buy, engineer, build, protect, organize or destroy in the outer world, it will not get us True and lasting Freedom. When we see everything as separate, Freedom is not possible.

So here is the punch line..

Vedanta explains freedom (Moksha) as freedom from dependence upon objects… objects being physical stuff and everything that makes them possible, including our thoughts and emotions. We are truly free when no matter what happens around us, we know who We Are and we are ok.

Our True Freedom, our Lasting and Unshakable Liberty and our Limitlessness, come from the remembrance and the cultivation of the sight that sees and knows there is just One. 

An instantaneous transformation comes from shifting one’s sight to a higher expanded perspective. This perspective  actually frees one from the identification with difficult situations that may be present: the problem recedes a bit more, the ailment becomes more impersonal, the tragedy becomes less gripping. Hence we are not attached to or bound by the occurrences of life when we drop our perspective of separateness.

It is not that we all of a sudden see something different through our eyes, it is like bringing a camera into focus. Instead of seeing only the outside of everything, its form, shape or color, we look for its content, its essence… We see its connection and relationship to everything. We adjust our focus and see its commonality, its inner “substance of creation”.  That substance is what we are made of too. Seeing “that which is the same in everything” gives us a powerful Liberation.

Liberty is seeing from the vantage point of the One. One might even say Who is Liberty?  I AM. You Are. We all are. I am an intrinsic and perfect part of that One and that is FREEDOM! 

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  1. Michele Feher says:

    Thank you Hope. This is an excellent blog.

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