Yes, The Re-set Button Is Being Pushed

What will we choose to envision for when it all boots up again?
Greetings Dear One, it is now that the time is here,
to examine what the options are.
The options for the future of this planet,
not just for individual lives,
but for all that comes henceforth.
There are choices to be made.
We wish to offer some guidance along the lines of the future
and where it may be envisioned to go.
If you see the world as your place, your task,
your opportunity to make a difference,
then there is hope for it.

If you see it as a dangerous and foreign place,
where nothing can be counted upon,
well, then that is what will be promulgated. 
As the days roll into weeks and perhaps months,
there will be time for reflection upon this.
Lifting your sites to what is desired, what is hoped for,
what is forever imagined as possible, what is loved…
enable such things to come forth.
This must come rolling from within a pensive mood and reflection;
not from the outer talking heads of the news conglomerates.
It asks of us, what do we want?
What do we hope for?
What do we wish to see and have and do in the new world,
that will be ours when all this is over?
Never in this lifetime , did it seem possible for so many
to be so sequestered and so peacefully aligned in service to home,
and health and life itself.
We thank you for this.
Now is a time for love to blossom,
for those moments of lifting sights to higher potentials and possibilities,
where all who wish to be a part of this new world
will gather and forgive the old one.
For it is in letting the old one go, with ease and grace,
that the new can be birthed,
without the detrimental attitudes that shaped the old…
the harshness, the sharpness.
In looking upon this world with love, what might we build together?
What might we appreciate about each other that never occurred to us before?
If this world is in service to life, and it is,
what then will be the outcome of my actions today?
Will I help and serve life?
Or will I choose another way, that doesn’t even consider life itself,
but my life alone?
Allow, forgive, align, make peace… in harmony
there is hope and peace and love. 
In this world, there is so much to see and be thankful for.
We wish for your loving heart to grow bigger and stronger and more clear,
as you take time to be still, and listen to your own thoughts and your own guidance,
and your own ideas of what is here for us all to create.
Now and forever, our next generations will thank us,
or wonder where our minds were at!
Allow the quiet moments of reflection to do their work.
Allow quiet. Allow yourself to be quiet.
Sit and think.
And be grateful for all that is, right here, right now. 
In harmony we share this, in harmony we love all.
Thank you.
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