You Are The Rider The Horse Is The Earth

Hope: Can you please speak about healing emotionally, about the acceptance of suffering, and of the journey to wholeness whatever path is taken?
Jesus: Yes, of course. The path to wholeness is one of many ways. There is no one choice that will get a human anywhere! All humans wish for evolution, and strive in the way that they are able to. Most, unconsciously making small efforts, with rare gains of ground occurring a few a year, that accumulate in the lifetime, unfortunately the pace is not apace with the transformation occurring on earth right now. It’s like riding a horse, you are the rider the horse is the earth. If the horse starts to accelerate and you don’t, well it is a hard fall… That is the “problem” occurring now on earth, is that it is moving very fast. Those who insist on the old ways of transforming may not find the needed speed and capacity, because the territory needing transformation is so big. If you need transforming within all areas of your life, your social, your physical structure, your attitudes etc., as well as your spiritual awareness and understanding- it is A LOT of things that must be transformed, and even in this timeless and space less reality there are cycles of time. The cycles of time like a clock, move at the pace they move at, which relates to you- your evolution and your transformation to something greater, and attuned with the newly transformed earth, but it is happening fast!
So what is required is a focus upon the areas we have repeatedly mentioned in these missives. The real meat of this and all of these communications is to assist the reader to find the Christ within themselves, which negates the need for all the other steps of healing. When you see the light within you, and the light then shines upon those aspects of self that have been in the dark, hidden in the “back alleys” of a life. Not only does the light make it right, it starts to create a light filled world, one where suffering is unnecessary where the way forward is joyful and exciting, not scary and fearful. So the choice comes from within each individual’s mind and unfortunately, all have not seen this light and this urgency to transform that Mother Earth feels and is chafing in right now. So our urgency comes from this reason, this need for sharing of the human imperative to find the light within, the divine presence of God, Christ, Love, …. And live from within ITS realm and purvue. This makes life so different, and we will share just how…

A life lived from the light within, transcends all the human needs and difficulties for drama in unfolding the life. It needs no discord, no struggle, no resistance to make it be a LIFE. The human has a tendency to create strife, in order to feel LIFE. No longer is that necessary! A Light filled life, is harmonious within the body, and the cells rejuvenate, they needn’t die and be replaced so quickly, this makes an easier job on the body itself, aging is a result of the cellular genocide that occurs as a body lives in belief of death, in association with others that believe in death, and in lack of harmony within themselves. As you don’t resist the life you lead, and the life you lead is in alignment with your own highest beliefs and knowings, then there is no cellular resistance, and the cells can, like a human on a beach vacation- relax, sit back and enjoy existence! (Hope: I picture sunglasses, beach chair, a drink with an umbrella in it…) so the human drama- kills the human life. And ironically it is what has MADE life for humans for so many millennia, and THAT is what is changing now on earth. The acceleration (on Earth) is one that will overrule the human way of resistance of and lack of harmony, by its speed and challenging time of change. Life goes fast now, days are short and the opportunity to live like we lived before is falling away, the successful transformation comes from seeing the light within oneself and holding that light as the guide and force of transformation so that the movement ahead is not done by reference to the old world and ways and patterns, but by a new guide, a new system of authority within the human body system.
This means surrendering to your higher Self, the divine Christ child within… This means loving the others that you meet, in ways you don’t even realize or have in your vocabulary now. This means holding yourself accountable for your willingness and surrender to the divine light within, not as a resistant: “I have to surrender” but from seeing the true reality that exists (and always has existed) and wanting desperately to be a part of that MUCH GREATER TRUTH that it offers, because there is no OTHER CHOICE whence one has seen this other reality and the possibility it holds for life. Life becomes a joy, a transcendent joy, as this realization, this humbling truth awakens within, and the divine presence becomes the leader of the human life in a way that wasn’t available before. The divine truth shines forth as the SELF, and everything is different.

Each individual that seeks to free the Divinity within themselves to speak, act and BE who they are as they walk through their life, will find that this presence becomes available as the human who has previously “run the show” becomes willing, humble, filled with love and honoring of themselves and others. It is not a clear road that happens overnight, there is a “struggle” for power as the higher self and the personal self-negotiate- if you will, or as the personal human self-interest, realizes slowly that ITS interests are the same as the higher self’s and it is just that the ways and means are very different. So the human self is slowly (often) convinced of the worthiness and opportunity of life that the higher-self offers. Ironically this only prolongs the human’s suffering, mis-creation of life experience, and the dialog goes on endlessly. Never coming to resolution in a way decisive enough to assist the human to the next level of being.
So the offering here today is to encourage and share the human self’s opportunity and to assist it to find the TRUST in the new world that is emerging all around them. Life is a mystery, and it is changing even now as we speak, the world of old NO LONGER EXISTS, not because that “moment” has passed but because transformation is happening on the planet. The Earth is like a snake shedding its skin, she is awakening to a whole new way and possibility… To equate it to a human life, it is like cleaning house, cleaning out the closets and deciding to change the way she does things… And this time she REALLY MEANS IT! She will have no more endless dialogs about change and new possibilities, she will simply wake up and be different. Different in the sense of what is possible, how quickly it manifest and other such things. For humanity the space between thoughts and manifestation will be shortened- That is why choosing our thoughts, awareness of our projected ideas of “how life is”, and other such creative raw materials must be anointed with the divine presence that exists within each and every one of us.
So we are now complete this morning and thank you for joining us in hearing this message. Namaste we are One, and so it is.
February 7, 2012- Hope Ives Mauran

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3 Responses to You Are The Rider The Horse Is The Earth

  1. Nicholas Williams says:

    This information is so wonderful. question: does he ever talk on how to find the light within ? That would help a lot THANKS

    • hope says:

      Hi Nicholas, I will ask! : “Dearest Nicholas, your light shines so very brightly, all that need be done is to find the place of stillness in your heart and mind to allow it to shine forth, into your life, your heart and your true awareness of who you already are! There are no trails on this earth that lack the light, there are only those who are unaware of its presence. Not wanting to feel the grandeur of who we really are as humans, can be a tactic that many take to embrace a lesser self- reflection than the Truth of the Christ light that shines within. So in Oneness, and honor for your heart felt querry, we bless and are blessed by your presence and your willingness to ask. Namaste we are ONE.”

  2. Jody says:

    Keep the messages coming, I am in devotion. Jody

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