The Great Transformation


 I. A Great Transformation is Occurring …    It is not a transformation from… a world hunkered down, locked down, separated and masked… to a world freshly immunized… and then simply back to how it was before.

The transformation we are facing is larger than that, it is a leap in frequency and consciousness for the Earth and humanity, to a new vibrational frequency and level of being.

It is here helping us to evolve and change and even force us to make better choices for all humanity and ourselves and the Earth.  Whatever we choose and create matters, and will be our new world.

The Future Is Positive

In the grand timeline of human evolution, we are at the threshold of the next step forward, where we will be able to actually embody the bigger and wiser parts of ourselves including our Pure Love infinite multidimensional self. The Earth and humanity are becoming a planet of and beings of… Love and connection

We are limitless multidimensional beings; we have the capacity to live from our inherent limitlessness and abundance, instead of from limitation and lack.  And now is the time for this to happen! No more dress rehearsals, not “some day”… Now!

Our family and career identities in the world, are not who we truly are. We are really Light and Pure Love, and if we shift from identifying with our body and its roles… to instead identifying ourselves with the Light and the Pure Love that is our truer essence, we can make better use of this global transformation and shift in frequency. This shift is allowing our multidimensional Pure Love self, to incorporate into our denser physical bodies here on Earth. In order for this to occur, we need to make some space for it. Shedding our denser patterns does this. Our multidimensional self, or our true self, has always been here, it has always been who we are, but was often out of reach due to our lower frequency… until now.  

The collective halt, full stop and stay at home rest, that Covid has given many of us, has amazingly helped us to take stock of our situation. We have been given the necessary time to contemplate and reevaluate our world and how we really want it to be. This is extraordinarily hopeful!

II. We are at a crucial point of choice on Earth, and if we continue to choose fear over love, war over peace, and separation over togetherness, then the future will be more of the same. And the truth is, at a frequency level,that kind of fear-based world no longer exists… we as a humanity have already shifted to the new frequency.  The lower frequency of those lesser choices that we created in the past, simply doesn’t match our world any more. Energy comes before matter, and the outer demonstration of those darker frequencies, is yesterday’s energy creating today’s physical problems.  It is just a matter of time before the newer lighter frequencies take hold and manifest in our hearts and in our world more widely. Being aware of this will help speed the process.

This is a tender time, when we need to take action to manifest a higher vision for ourselves and the world, by making decisions from our core center and deeper knowing, and then connecting with each other to create what we envision. We can change the world as our better choices radiate outward, and as those better choices lead to even better choices.

Living from our inner Source, our connection to Nature, our fearlessness and from the Pure Love that is naturally at the core and center of our being and Universe, we are a powerful force. This is when magic happens!

III. The creation of a world without war, famine, sickness and hatred is up to us.

Earth could be a place where we consider all beings as our greater family. With this magnificent global transformation, we have been given an open door to making this happen. It is now our chance and choice to act with courage, wisdom, and discernment, in the quest to uplift and make the world better for all.  We have a responsibility to the future generations of life on this Earth, to hand over a planet based in love, with liberty and justice for all.

How can we do this? By staying true to what we know is right in our hearts and by creating the world anew, with a new mindset of Love and inner vision, cultivated by our connection with our Source Connection*… not just by patching together or recreating the old world.

We are creator beings… limitless, infinite and powerful, and yet, because we don’t realize it fully and are unaware of what is happening, we are like a delicious blueberry pie just out of the oven, cooling on the window sill, with a hungry bear walking by… we are hapless and vulnerable.

Our magnificent bodies and minds are then free for the taking. The problem is that most people don’t even know that these seemingly innate qualities and traits are even take-able. Technology has made this kind of control and thievery possible!

How? Technology is far more advanced in our world than most of us are aware of. The advanced technologies, can interface and interfere with our biology, capture our attention, plant thoughts in our heads and then harness our natural energy flow for its own ends. It can over-take our will, our thoughts, and ultimately our life, if we are not careful to make our purity, our sovereignty and this Earth, our priorities. Essentially this time is a time of unhooking from that system, and reconnecting with our True Self. We can do this by monitoring our frequency, paying attention to where we are getting our information from, and who we are listening to … and by having the discernment to know if they are motivated by fear, polarity and limitation? Or by Love.

IV. A wise guide is a priceless gift in challenging times. When my father went off to World War II, leaving high school at age 18, he landed in a war zone in Luxembourg or France. Thankfully, a seasoned Sergeant taught the new recruits the ways to survive, and it made all the difference. My father came home safely. When he shared this story years later, tears would come to his eyes, he was so grateful for the guidance and the support.

I have come across such a guide in Jacqueline Hobbs PhD., or Oracle Girl as she is called. She is uniquely suited to help guide us in this transformational scenario that we are currently in, because she has the wisdom, vision and insight to know how to sidestep technology’s negative aspects, navigate the transformational process, and help us to purify our patterns.  She understands the larger picture concerning how our current choices can lead us to freedom, wellbeing and sovereignty and a much more heavenly kind of Earth partnered with the practical wisdom of knowing what pitfalls we must look out for.

Rush to The Purification Space and Return To Living by Nature‘s Principles

Jacqueline points out the crucial importance of Purification. Purification of our “slave self” patterns helps us to reconnect with our own Source Connection, which in some ways is a re-entry into nature and the natural web of life on Earth. If we are to continue to live and survive on Earth, we need to accept the Earth and nature’s ways as our own. Jacqueline’s Purification Space helps us to do this.

V. Our Source Connection*

Our own Source Connection can guide us through these difficult times, like that Sergeant who helped my father survive.

Our Source Connection is found in the still, deep, quiet within us, inside our very own bodies, not on our cell phones, our computers, or the nightly news.

It’s the wiring in our bodies that connects us to this Universe and embeds us in its natural order; the same way a sailboat is part of nature’s wind and sea. Our Source Connection is a key to navigating through life as free beings… sovereign, non-violent and infinite. It connects us to our very own spark of infinity from the eternal and unchanging Source of Our Universe.

We are Pure Love, and our Universe’s frequency is one of Pure Love.

Pure Love is in our cells and in our DNA.  As the Earth’s frequency is rising, our nature as Pure Love is being revealed and set free, to create a new and better world. As the higher frequency of this transformation helps us to drop our patterns, we rethink life and want something better, we have our Source Connection to lead us to the future of Love which now is within vibrational reach.

“Our Source Connection is in our body’s wiring and makes it possible for us to embody the frequencies of Pure Love.”- Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs

Pure Love is the foundation of our positive future on Earth.

Our own Source Connection will guide us with ultimate precision, synchronicity and wisdom, beyond what we can see for ourselves or can even imagine as possible. We know what to do, where to be when we are strongly connected to it.  It is steady, strong, clear and ever present, because it is the wiring that connects our every cell with the Light and Pure Love of this Universe. It can help to keep us safe in this transition time.

Source Connection wisdom can come to us as a blast of insight or as an inspired or expansive thought. We might recognize our Source Connection in the natural movement which arises out of it. It can be seen when we are sitting quite still… and then all of a sudden, our inspiration has us half way across the room with a fabulous idea of creating the new future on this Earth in action and movement towards life!

Our Nature As Pure Love is Being Revealed.

Inspiration doesn’t have to be far reaching, or about saving the world, we just need to do the most amazing and thorough job of being ourselves. Our Source Connection’s effect is real, vibrant and vital. It is juicy, joyful, demanding, challenging and can also be scary. It is Life (with a capital L).

We feel more at ease, alive, aligned and in flow with our life, when we are fully in our bodies and feel our Source Connection. Source Connection also leads us out of our comfort zone, with inspiration and grace, in a way that we know is necessary and right, in order to make Pure Love our ruling power. We are unique and perfect for whatever role we are here to play.

I think of my Source Connection as being like home… pure alignment, no tension, no friction, peace and Pure Love.

Our Source Connection helps us to discover and revealour passions. It is simply us being ourselves… uncensored, caring, connected and aligned. A rare and amazing time is dawning here on Earth. With the new Purity frequency being here now, it allows for the full embodied expression of who we Truly Are. Ahhhh finally!

VI. Counter the Disempowerment

Our Source Connection can be overshadowed by things introduced into our bodies like swabs, shots, false ideas, unnecessary limitations in movement … and things that ultimately endanger our constitutional freedoms, our sovereignty and our self-responsibility. These all serve to disempower, thwart, control, and dehumanize us. Increasing surveillance and limitations in work, worship, travel and schooling, are polarizing, separating and controlling us and separating us from our own Source Connection, especially if we are unaware of our Source Connection and its value to us. The media and officials of all sorts offer explanation and declarations on how to be safe; we listen and follow blindly when we don’t realize that our own perfect inner compass is within our body itself.

External systems and “experts” who tell us what to do with our body, ought to be secondary to the guidance of our own Source Connection.

Why not trust our body’s own innate healing ability? Our body is a self-healing organism… allow it to do its work, free of introduced and questionable foreign materials sourced from fear. 

It can help to take a break from the media and its external inputs to reconnect with our body and its Source Connection. The world will go on without our focus for a week, a month, or a year, while we take a break from the never-ending and chaotic media feast, that doesn’t have our best interest in mind or at heart.

Our Source Connection is like our best friend and the best possible news source we could ever have… it’s free, personalized, directly inside of us, always reliable, and has our best interest at heart… because it is the most essential part of our true identity within the body.

So, sit and be still;

allow its quiet guidance and

make space for it in your day.

Following the crowd now is not a good idea.

Imagine our anguish and remorse if we were to look back upon this time, and see that forces wishing to promote fear and control… had snatched from us and from the generations to come… our freedoms, our free will, our health, and our beautiful future.

Liberty Climbing The Ladder Of Consciousness

We will weather this predicament when each of us stands strong, and makes choices about what to do from our own inner knowing, and then takes action, dreaming and creating the future from Pure Love. Let’s start right now. Choosing Love for ourselves, our bodies, humanity, all living things, and Earth… Gaia.

VII. What will the legacy of our generation be?

This is our time to shine. We are not alone, we have each other, our own Source Connection and we are part of the vast loving Universe. Let’s step up powerfully into our role as Beings and Light and Love now, hold our frequency high, and create the new world of Love.

“Only when each and every being on this planet re-establishes their direct link with the Pure Love that is all consciousness, prime matter and infinite intelligence, will Earth finally know peace.” -Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs,

Check out… Oracle Girl, Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs for the Purification Space and recognition of your own Source Connection.

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Shortcut to Happiness

Shortcut to happiness – a crude version of my mind map

I stopped the other day, talk to a neighbor I had never met. His son had gone off to college and he said he was very, very lonely, as he found himself eating alone, living alone and missing his son terribly. Whew, that is a hard feeling!

I too find myself lonely at times, it is a symptom the human condition. I can be lonely even with other people around, even people who love me and care for me!

One thing that I have learned from the study of Vedanta, and A Course in Miracles, is that happiness, contentedness and peace, are ours already, they are within us. They are accessible to us when we remember that our True identity is not this body, it is Consciousness itself. When I remember who I Truly Am, or when I become “at one”  or I atone… then I relax, and am content. I am happy.

There are times where I struggle to find happiness in myself. I use a mental map of sorts to lead me to it. The map is my version of a map of life. It’s easier to remember this map when I take time alone, in quiet, or when I spend time in nature.

My mental map shows the things that are seemingly outside of me, family, relationships, jobs, money, attainments, food, stuff, activities and places… all the outer physical, emotional and mental stuff of this world. They are actually all just stand ins, stimuli, reminders, access points and teaching aids for us all. The things of the world either lure us away, or point us toward our happiness, which lies within us.

The things of this world help stimulate the choices we make, to remember who and what we are, as either part of the outside world –or– as separate from it.

Happiness doesn’t lie outside of us… ever! We may find people, relationships, situations and things that make us feel happy for awhile, but they are not the source of our happiness.

Happiness is ours already, it is within us. We can choose to feel it and find access to it more easily, surely when things are going our way. It’s when the going gets tough, that happiness is harder to find.

And so, the shortcut to happiness is to go within, and to look for happiness inside of ourselves. Who we are, our true identity is eternally and always bathed in happiness.

Our happiness is available to us in inner stillness, because it is in inner stillness that we are focused and at home and not pulled outside of ourselves, to react. In stillness, we can remember our core Self, our steady, innate, unflinching, unfailing Self. Inside our very own bodies, we have a “Source connection”1 which is who we are as Consciousness, Source or One.

Our true identity as Consciousness does not necessarily give us a distinct feeling, because we are ALWAYS Consciousness or Source or One! Happiness is intrinsically a part of who we already are, we can access it when we remember that we are part of All That Is, and not separate from it.

And so you can find your happiness when you expand your definition of who you are… when your “me” becomes all of life, all of creation. You can see the green circles expanding in my drawing, as an illustration of how I can define myself as all and everything.

The shortcut to happiness is to see ourselves as the world, and to remember that I am, we are Consciousness itself. I am the Consciousness that makes up and flows through all things. I am not the body I live in, I am, we are Consciousness.

Consciousness makes up the material of all things, enlivens all things, and it is who we Truly are.

Happiness is within you. Access it when you remember you are part of the team of LIFE! Access it when you remember you are Consciousness and not the body.

This shortcut to happiness is also the shortcut to Love, and Peace and Joy! Be Well! Be Happy and Choose Love!


  1. Check out Oracle Girl  on line for more guidance on accessing our “Source Connection” within our bodies.

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Your Perspective Is Everything

****************Hold onto your heart-center’s perception of all in aligned harmony,
working together for good.
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Your Perspective Is Everything

****************Hold onto your heart-center’s perception of all in aligned harmony,
working together for good.

Dear Ones, Your time here is limited. Do what you can to align to the fullness of who you truly are.

Your temptations to fall into fear, longing and emptiness are not to be allowed.

You are necessarily in a process of undoing. Find your peace with it. Do not fight its tendrils.

You will see a great value and benefit from holding Love in your heart and cultivating stillness, peacefulness and equanimity in the face of great change.

Your choices are seemingly many, they would hold you to a fineness of character, refinement of potential and evenness in action.

This means~ allow… be still… hold onto your heart center’s perception of all in aligned harmony, working together for good.

Your perspective is everything.

It holds the key. Seeing the Light in all beings brings forth healing Light as you well know.

I wish for you to find the simplest stance.

And that of course is where just ONE is all there is.

And so perceive the union of Self and other in Self. As Self. (Not with the Self or to Self!) Only in this clarity of identity can the world be saved from further great disruption.

I asked: “Does this mean consolidation of power and authority?”

Yes, ~into the individual, away from the outer means and ways of human culture.

And so we thank you and withdraw.


My apologies for the several earlier emails announcing my blog that were unlinked to the blog’s page. Hopefully this problem has been solved. The blogs that you may have missed are on the blog page on the website

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Do Not Engage!

I got this yesterday, and was told it might be helpful to some to pass along…

Dear Ones,

It is a time of trial and confusion, as forces in turmoil are released for their fulfilled expression. They are not in service to healing at his time and so it is a good time to remain calm, peaceful, aligned and clear.

This is done by just allowing the turmoil to wash over. Do not engage! This is a safety issue and it will be a forgiveness opportunity for many, and so as the world turns in her fulfilled matrix of confusion, conflagration and completion you may be certain that all is in order. All is ok.

Trust the process of exhuming past wounds for expression, reflection and healing. Undo all that is in arched up~liftment in order to begin anew. Fresh, clean, understood – understanding it asks only to be true and clear and clean of heart- mind and spirit.

That is all my dears, that is all.

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Be Kind To Nature

“Dear Ones, In order for the natural world to be in harmony with its expressions, it requires of the individual expressions within it to be at harmony with themselves.

The discord, the internal discord in the human family is one factor in the challenge of nature’s demonstrations, and extreme conditions at this time. Although there are many people in harmony and joy and uplifted perspective, the bulk of humans are in internal discord, separated from themselves as beings ingrained and part of the whole of nature and the environment.

As one begins to realize the import of this, then there is an opening to receive the lost threads of connection: the pull of the ties of love for nature and the peaceful feeling of being in nature.

So my dears, enjoy your days and find time to be in nature, find time to be quiet within yourself, at peace with your outer world.

Enfold yourself in the natural world as part of it, as an integral piece of it, not to attain a goal… but to return to the true nature of who you are. As this is achieved, or received, then there is a peacefulness you feel being in your Earthly home, that is lost to you when you are feeling alone and separated from the natural world.

Thank you. All is One may you be blessed.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I found this photo in some old photos I had taken in India. It spurred my sitting and opening up for the words to come. ~Freedom

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You Are Liberty Climbing The Ladder of Consciousness

We are each of us embodiments of Lady Liberty, let’s hold our torches high, to see clearly the way through these times on Earth. Our freedom to choose, our birthright as creators and our vision of the future will bring it forth into manifestation.

Let us stand tall, connect with our own Source, anchor its wisdom, purity and perspective in our bodies. It is from our Source connection, that our thoughts, emotions, words and actions call forth the future that we all wish for. It is from our Source connection, that our frequency emanates healing, peace… love.

Our every act of love, our every act of inclusion, our every gentle touch, and our every internal choice for peace is carried forth into the information field, where it uplifts and informs all humanity… it creates.

Every choice we are making right now is creating the world we live in.

We are the ones we have been waiting for! Our time is now. The curtain call is here. There is no longer a need to fit in, do what is expected, or what external forces would tell us to do. What is our inspired action? What is our chosen way of being? What thoughts will we choose to entertain? What visions of the future will we empower? What kind of world will we build for our children and grandchildren? What will they call us seven generations from now?

Lady Liberty offers you her permission (if you should need it), to carry her torch of Freedom. Imagine you are carrying her torch now, and she stands beside you as you move through your days. (Now there is an image for the grocery store aisle! Liberty blessing and seeding her Light into everyone you encounter.) Liberty is freeing you now, to be the Lightest, most connected, loving, joyful, free and inspired version of who you are. You and she are lighting the way for the enLIGHTened future to be birthed.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Go to to get these occasional blogs directly delivered to your inbox, or for more messages of Light and remembrance of our Oneness. Thanks for sharing these messages! And for leaving your comments below.


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I Asked For Healing

I asked for healing and received this message:

“In order to heal you must act differently, think differently, move differently.

It requires a complete change of focus.

A focus upon the healing that is, already, in the wholeness of timelessness.

See the Oneness always. Transcend the separation- always.

Unify the Self with all others in spirit, not it form.

If you use these precepts then there is a new relational pattern with your Source, with the One that you are and all shifts down line in the physical.

It’s quite simple really.

All’s One – and in One- nothing and I mean NOTHING is broken… ever!

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Be In the Living Light of Love

“Take down a letter to the human family.”

What shall you say?


“Dear Ones, it is with great joy I return to your awareness on this Saturday.

It is a day filled with potential and with joyful endeavors. Be not afraid to focus yourself upon the tasks at hand that require of you to be in the living light of love

What actions might be taken that will fill me with love in action? Ask this of yourself.

And hold yourself to the task of fulfilling those actions. And get back to me. 

I am here within you. As I am within this vessel for my worlds.

It is not separate from you that I am. We are One Life, One Family and One Human Body, in a multitude of beings.

Enjoy this day! And be well!”


Is that it?

“Yes, my dear, that is all for today.”

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A Message for all Humanity From our Future Self

What shall I do?

“Sit down and write a message to all humanity.”

Please dictate.

“Dear Ones, you are blessed, there is only Love. All emanations and evidence otherwise are merely a dream of separation.

Enjoy yourself, your family and your life, for it is of your choosing to live as you do.

Be of good cheer, as you sort yourself out of the dream you call life on Earth, it requires attention, and not to be taken too seriously, as well.

Align to the perfect expression for your life and for the world.  This means to act from and in Love always.

Use this time, and these days of sequestering with great precision, to hold the future situation you desire in mind.

See this world not as a hard reality. For although this is a dream, why not make it a pleasant one, one filled with joy and peaceful understanding of others?

Help others to see their way through this.

As you well know it is not always easy, but it can be quite simple to remain focused on Love. Remind yourself.

Allow yourself to see what is operating within your mind. When you see it is ‘otherness than Love’, say to it: ‘Thank you for your protection of me thus far, it is time for us to part, and try a new way. A way of Love, understanding, and willingness to Love no matter what.’

This is based in the premise and reality that all are ONE, all are of Godly expression, all are of the One Source.

The manifestations otherwise, are merely false expressions of a clouded mind. 

Ask for help to clear your perception. This is a key. For in asking, you make yourself open to a new way of seeing.

See primarily with the eyes of Love, of God, of acceptance and understanding.

The patterns that are caught within the human family and paradigm are weakening. They are falling away. They are no longer needed for your protections… they are obsolete.

Know with certainty that all is well no matter what. Your role is simply to do what you can to free yourself and others of the illusion that the world is real.

If you knew this world weren’t real, wouldn’t it make it easier to overlook its affronts?

Simply say, ‘Oh my look at that!‘ with a compassionate and bemused smile. It is a powerful phrase. 

Join with others to make this world rejoice, in compassion, in healing, in Love.

That is all. Good day.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who shall I say has written this? 

“I have, the Higher Self of all humans.”

So, you might say this is a letter from our future Self?

“Yes, precisely.”

check out for books, inspiration and artwork, messages from the Christ, and more.

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