A Message for all Humanity From our Future Self

What shall I do?

“Sit down and write a message to all humanity.”

Please dictate.

“Dear Ones, you are blessed, there is only Love. All emanations and evidence otherwise are merely a dream of separation.

Enjoy yourself, your family and your life, for it is of your choosing to live as you do.

Be of good cheer, as you sort yourself out of the dream you call life on Earth, it requires attention, and not to be taken too seriously, as well.

Align to the perfect expression for your life and for the world.  This means to act from and in Love always.

Use this time, and these days of sequestering with great precision, to hold the future situation you desire in mind.

See this world not as a hard reality. For although this is a dream, why not make it a pleasant one, one filled with joy and peaceful understanding of others?

Help others to see their way through this.

As you well know it is not always easy, but it can be quite simple to remain focused on Love. Remind yourself.

Allow yourself to see what is operating within your mind. When you see it is ‘otherness than Love’, say to it: ‘Thank you for your protection of me thus far, it is time for us to part, and try a new way. A way of Love, understanding, and willingness to Love no matter what.’

This is based in the premise and reality that all are ONE, all are of Godly expression, all are of the One Source.

The manifestations otherwise, are merely false expressions of a clouded mind. 

Ask for help to clear your perception. This is a key. For in asking, you make yourself open to a new way of seeing.

See primarily with the eyes of Love, of God, of acceptance and understanding.

The patterns that are caught within the human family and paradigm are weakening. They are falling away. They are no longer needed for your protections… they are obsolete.

Know with certainty that all is well no matter what. Your role is simply to do what you can to free yourself and others of the illusion that the world is real.

If you knew this world weren’t real, wouldn’t it make it easier to overlook its affronts?

Simply say, ‘Oh my look at that!‘ with a compassionate and bemused smile. It is a powerful phrase. 

Join with others to make this world rejoice, in compassion, in healing, in Love.

That is all. Good day.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who shall I say has written this? 

“I have, the Higher Self of all humans.”

So, you might say this is a letter from our future Self?

“Yes, precisely.”

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  1. Nanci Arruda says:

    Gratitude to Good love for all humanity🙏🙏🙏

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