Be In the Living Light of Love

“Take down a letter to the human family.”

What shall you say?


“Dear Ones, it is with great joy I return to your awareness on this Saturday.

It is a day filled with potential and with joyful endeavors. Be not afraid to focus yourself upon the tasks at hand that require of you to be in the living light of love

What actions might be taken that will fill me with love in action? Ask this of yourself.

And hold yourself to the task of fulfilling those actions. And get back to me. 

I am here within you. As I am within this vessel for my worlds.

It is not separate from you that I am. We are One Life, One Family and One Human Body, in a multitude of beings.

Enjoy this day! And be well!”


Is that it?

“Yes, my dear, that is all for today.”

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