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Hi! You don’t know me, but I am here to share an important message about who you really are. You are not what you think. You are not what you were taught. You are not even what you have experienced yourself to be.
You are something much more than all that. Perhaps you are Like the orphan child that dreams of being discovered a young prince or princess, similarly you may have sensed the greater potential and opportunity that exists within you, but were never sure how to let it free in your life.

Now is the time on Earth, when our inner Selves are calling for freedom, your inner Self or inner Being is important to all of us, your inner Being is powerful beyond measure, and it is time for you to discover this, in order for the future to be created as you would wish to be. Your destiny, your opportunity, and who you really are is a creator God. A Divinely connected creative genius, lies within you, and you have the chance in this time and place to let this part of yourself free, to create a world that is filled with what we now call miracles.
How on earth is this possible? How did this information, and this potential get so buried? Perhaps it is not important now to focus upon that, because the real message of this invitation to you, is that you are a creator god, and how you create is through your thoughts, your emotions, your words and your actions. In the same way that Clark Kent is transformed into superman- you can change as quickly and as forcefully. You too are divinely powerful by your awareness of the means by which you are a creator God and by using it for the betterment of life and society. The process is outlined here and requires of you to use choice in how you think, act, engage and speak in your life.
Hold yourself as an integral part of “all that is”, see the unity of all things, and realize that you cannot and never were separated from nature, God and “all that is”. You were never separated from “GOD” or whatever term you might use to conceptualize “all that is”. You are a part of- not separate from- everything around you, hence you are affecting everything around you all the time.
See this unity of all things from the center of it, which exists within your own body, not from the outside looking in. The center is the source, the place of power, and home of the creator God within you.
Hold your focus upon only that which is present before you and needs your attention, envision the best, most joyful outcome for all possibilities. Do not consider yourself fallible to any negative influences. Know your mind’s power is supreme in its ability to create the world around you.
Find the time to be still in your own self, to meditate, so that your ability to be present in the moment you are living right now increases.
Know that “all that is” or God, supports your efforts, and your movement towards divine empowerment. Invite the grace of the divine to join you. Invite your guides, your angels ascended masters, Jesus, Buddha, or other divine emissary to assist you. Call for help for yourself and others and visualize what you would like to see, feel what you would like to feel. Know that your prayer is already answered, or in plain language: create the feeling by your own efforts, that you would feel if it were miraculously answered in front of you right now.
Find time each day to love, love is the key to unlocking the unlimited potential for divine grace’s expression in your world. Love, any and all, by seeing everything as divine grace’s embodiment and hence worthy of your love, no matter what appearance is presented.
Find the time too, to love those who you are responsible for. Nurture your children to realize the power of thought and the malleability of reality, so that together you are creating what excites and empowers you both. By teaching the children these truths, the future is assured and the past need no longer be repeated.
With these guides to help your creative process, your journey will manifest a pleasing result. The catch, is that there is a delay in experiencing a newly created reality physically, …realize that there is a delay that must be borne, as the creations that you created without knowing this process come into your experience. You must live through the things you created previously (without realizing it), before the new world you are now creating comes into your experience. Have faith that the creative process is working, and remain steadfast in your focus upon love, what you do want and maintain a joyous demeanor and outpouring. Steadfastly hold yourself to the vision and feeling of what you do want- do not be swayed by the reality of negative experience, it is just what was already in the creative pipeline. As things come up, realize they are just the perfect result of what was created previously, before you started creating differently. Focus only upon that which is possible but not yet manifest.
A world of miracles is awaiting your arrival. Your bus to Heaven on Earth is by your thoughts, by your emotions, by your sense of responsibility for your thoughts and for the energy you pour out into the world. Do not wallow in the old stories of lack or ‘less than’, steadfastly find some way to remain in the energy of optimism and joyful union with “all that is”. It is a task, a practice and a treasured opportunity that awaits you as you ride the bus to the new world. It may be a long ride, but allow yourself to be jostled, and allow the discomfort of the journey while remaining hopeful, and optimistic for the journey’s destination, where your creations catch up with your life. You must withstand the creations that you already have made unconsciously, to get to the world that you are newly creating. The new world, is one of possibilities before unimagined, where miracles abound, and you are responsible for creating it.
Imagine that the world is filled with universal mind substance, the material from which all things flow into the physical world. It is the Source, the Unmanifested Potential of ALL THAT IS. Imagine that it provides all our needs like warmth, light and food. Imagine being able to transport yourself instantly, like in the old TV show star trek, imagine too, a world without suffering (because people understand the creative process), without death, (because people realize that our thoughts of separation have created this pattern) and without the limitations that have seemed so solid in the experience of so many generations before us. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of the human generation that figured out how to transcend these limitations, and how to live beyond the old ideas of human life?
I invite your participation in a grand experiment, to demonstrate the mastery that was spoken of by Jesus when he said; “These and greater things shall ye do.” Our planet earth was created for inhabitation by a species capable of living in harmony with the creative forces of nature. Heaven on Earth is our destiny, and the way for us to experience it is to create it ourselves. To hold our focus upon Love, the Unity of all things, the present moment, and those feelings and things we would wish to experience for ourselves and the world. When we do this We set our Inner Being Free to create a new world, and from this surrender, to the divine presence within us, all things will flow.
You might wonder how to transcend all the lower tendencies, habits, patterns, wounds, and thoughts that limit us in our lives: those aspects of our egoic selves that hold us in patterns of creation that we don’t enjoy. Until now there have been layers holding us from the release of these lower tendencies, or ego’s trappings. A new possibility for moving beyond all these things is now available to us. It doesn’t require therapy, healing, or any other modality to assist us to a place of readiness for this great leap in evolution for humanity. It is simply a shift in who we know and feel ourselves to be. We are much more than we have told ourselves, and when we truly allow or surrender to, the divine self, the Christ self, the Buddha within, we come from the Godhead, from the place of empowered action, unity, love and unlimited potential. From this perspective all else falls away. The problems that appeared insurmountable from our human perspective disappear, or become manageable when seen through the eyes of the Divine Self within us. A whole new level of energy flows through us, giving the physical sensation of greater possibility as well.
You Are Invited to this greater self definition and the embodiment of your divine self. As all of us share this same potential there can be no shirking the duty and opportunity that this creative power brings you. To wallow in our old ways, simply prolongs our own and our collective suffering. So please, I entreat you, take this with the seriousness that it is offered. The very future of humanity and of life on Earth demands all of our attention upon this matter.
 In seeing the world through new eyes a new world is created. As you see the world through the eyes of the God within You, a world that is worthy of a God is created. Thank you for your attention. Your gifts are all of our gifts, and your suffering is our suffering. Hold yourself to a new definition of who you are: A Creator God, connected to ALL THAT IS, and act, think and be from this perspective, and like superman coming out of the phone booth, a completely new potential and power is yours. It exists within you. It has always been there. It will await your attention, and it yearns to be freed, but perhaps in hearing or reading this your curiosity is aroused and you will free it from the bonds that hold it captive within you. Free your TRUE self, free us all, and know that it is all as it should be, and yet it can all get a whole lot better, if we discover for ourselves the possibility and practice that is offered here. Namaste we are One. You Are Loved. And so it is.
February 2012- Hope Ives Mauran

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