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Your Perspective Is Everything

Dear Ones, Your time here is limited. Do what you can to align to the fullness of who you truly are. Your temptations to fall into fear, longing and emptiness are not to be allowed. You are necessarily in a process of undoing. Find your peace with it. Do not fight its tendrils. You will see a great value and benefit from holding Love in your heart and cultivating stillness, peacefulness and equanimity in the face of great change. Your … Continue reading

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I Asked For Healing

I asked for healing and received this message: “In order to heal you must act differently, think differently, move differently. It requires a complete change of focus. A focus upon the healing that is, already, in the wholeness of timelessness. See the Oneness always. Transcend the separation- always. Unify the Self with all others in spirit, not it form. If you use these precepts then there is a new relational pattern with your Source, with the One that you are … Continue reading

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Be In the Living Light of Love

“Take down a letter to the human family.” What shall you say? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Dear Ones, it is with great joy I return to your awareness on this Saturday. It is a day filled with potential and with joyful endeavors. Be not afraid to focus yourself upon the tasks at hand that require of you to be in the living light of love.  What actions might be taken that will fill me with love in action? Ask this of yourself. And … Continue reading

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A Message for all Humanity From our Future Self

What shall I do? “Sit down and write a message to all humanity.” Please dictate. “Dear Ones, you are blessed, there is only Love. All emanations and evidence otherwise are merely a dream of separation. Enjoy yourself, your family and your life, for it is of your choosing to live as you do. Be of good cheer, as you sort yourself out of the dream you call life on Earth, it requires attention, and not to be taken too seriously, … Continue reading

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Awaken Humanity, Become the Open Door to Love’s Light.

Dear Ones, this is a time of sorrow on Earth; a time of healing will come of this. Undoing the past is impossible, and not necessary. Creating a new future is what is called for. Begin today to create the world that you would like to see created. Create a world filled with equality, fraternity, and beauty.  Wonder at the possibilities of the coming together of those that were previously separated! From worlds that were separate, create a world where … Continue reading

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